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  Something Wicked This Way Comes 04.13.2002
reviews and photos by Onisha Roman

Venue: The Globe - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Sharc Tank

Dancing at Something WickedWhile I was browsing through the Lunar Happenings page, several names all belonging to a particular event caught my eye and had me craving a night out. The party... Something Wicked This Way comes. The promoter... The Sharc tank. Venue... The Globe. The latter of the three was what made me hesitant to go. Although The Globe Theater has been going on strong as one of Atlanta's nightspots since April of 2000, past negative experiences have caused me to keep my distance for well over a year. But I figured enough time had passed for a positive change to take place, and I ventured out, with boyfriend in tow, to Decatur.

Hazeus at Something WickedWhen we arrived (around midnight or so) I saw more folks in the parking lot than in line, which made for quick and easy entry into the venue. The first room was packed and bouncing thanks to Hazeus, who was positioned in the far back corner, with an MC on the microphone and murals all around. One mural to the right of the DJ booth caught my eyes immediately. It featured a man in traditional oriental attire in a literal jungle setting with lots of foliage all around. While I was looking at it, a kid walked in front of it and I noticed he looked just like the character in the mural... too funny! The energy in this room was great. Hazeus did a good job of getting the crowd energized, which made perfect conditions for several dance circle formations throughout. Feeling a bit cramped, I ventured into the main room where Moda was on stage spinning his special blend of progressive, house and trance. Compared to the other room, the amount of people in here was minimal, but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in spunk: they danced their collective asses off to make sure that Moda knew he was appreciated.

While in the main room, I noticed a marquee above the DJ booth that flashed the names of the different DJs and their timeslots. The walls also had printouts of the same DJs, timeslots and their style of music. I thought this was very clever and helpful, although the main room was the only one that provided such a luxury. Throughout the night I had trouble getting names of DJs in the first room, and don't get me started on the 3rd room! I had NO idea that the outside area was going to showcase anyone until several days afterwards. The few times I ventured out there, all I saw was a fenced off area with several groups chitchatting... oh well!

Back in the main room, Alex Peace is up to bat with a very familiar sound, and boy, does it takes me back a few years! Overtaken with the Chicago House sound booming out of the speakers, numerous people were drawn into the room with a noticeable bounce in their step and grin on their face. I too was enjoying the very funky and energetic sounds being provided despite a few technical difficulties. He was not the only one with a tainted performance that night, as just about every other DJ there had a mix up or two as well.

MC at Something WickedAs for Freaky Flow and Flipside, they tore it up never ceasing to amaze the public with their awesome talent. Individually they both shine bright, but together this notorious Canadian drum & bass duo is incredible. I have to admit it was these DJs that ultimately made me decide to come to this event, and I'm glad I did. Heads were bouncing, booty's were shaking, and B-Boys were breaking while Freaky Flow laid out dope beats and Flipside blew our minds with his crazy flow. The most memorable part of the set for me was when I heard some crazy scratching, and when I looked up, I saw it was MC Flipside on the mic! When he was through, Freaky Flow came back on and scratched identically to what I heard a minute before!

Despite the amazing show put on by Freaky Flow & MC Flipside, Soul Slinger was, without a doubt, the peak of the event. Although not native to the States, he has accomplished more firsts for the American drum and bass scene than any other DJ/Producer. Aware of his groundbreaking talent, hundreds of eager attendants packed into the main room in order to experience his set. Overall it was more down-tempo than the previous performances, but everyone gave their fullest attention and did not leave until he was through.

By now, I feel exhausted, and a brief check of the time reveals it's about 4:30 A.M. and the event is about halfway through. My body has gotten so used to frequenting events that end at 4am... and the last DJ here is scheduled to spin from 6AM till whenever. I know the party won't make it till much past 6, so I try and tough it out too bad I didn't last too long. I was able to catch one more set though, which I have to mention. Keith Windham was in the front room entertaining the few there with a breaks filled set... yum! At first he spun some trance breaks that almost made me leave early (I'd rather fall asleep at home!), but after a while, he picked up the pace with funky breaks that got my blood flowing and ass shaking. It was around this time when my legs decided to go on strike, and I felt it would be best if we headed home.

All in all, the party was fun. There were several performers that made it worthwhile, but the location still bothered me. Despite some major decorative revamping of the inside of the venue, including spray painted murals, the end to the light-up dance floor, a 4 foot disco ball, shadow screens, a huge painting and linear string decoration, the vibe was still a bit off. I tried to enjoy myself as much as one could, but with me, it's all about the vibe, and since I'm never impressed with the vibe at the Globe, I don't think I'll be attending that venue for another party.

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Keep It Live from Keep It Live
Mixed by Freaky Flow
Track Listing:

  1. Intro - MC Flipside
  2. Don't Forget X - Exile
  3. Catchn' Wreck - Bus' Out
  4. Chupa Meus Samples - Nutone
  5. Edit - D-Region
  6. Momentum - A-Sides
  7. You Wouldn't Believe (Freak Flow Remix) - 311
  8. The Quest - Shimon & Andy C.
  9. Channel Me - Pressure Risk
  10. Forward - Visionary
  11. Relapse - Gridlok
  12. Clearance (Safe Mix) - Freaky Flow
  13. Ease - DJ Slip
  14. A Better Place (M.I.S.T. remix) - 4Hero
  15. Here We Go - Freaky Flow
  16. Doubt Love - Type One
  17. Outro - MC Flipside
  18. Music Takes You (John B. remix) - Blame
  19. The Docta - MC Effort & Crew

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