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  Vinyl Boy Fashion Show 4.14.99
by Sabrina Sexton Weil

Sabrina Sexton WeilThe Vinyl Boy fashion show was a night of creativity and self-expression. The guest dj's for the night included Dave Seaman, Paul Santana and Phantom 45, and they — along with several talented locals — provided an exciting aural backdrop for the stunning, funky designs that characterizes Vinyl Boy clothing.

Vinyl Boy and Chrome Productions spent most of the day decorating the Vault, threading neon string across the ceiling and floating happy, inflated dolphins and buoys above the crowd. When the blacklights came on during the show, the decorations lit up and were the perfect complement to the models, who — instead of calmly strutting their stuff down a runway — jumped onto the stage and danced their asses off.

Chad granted Lunar an interview to discuss the ideals behind Vinyl Boy.

Lunar: Can you tell us what kind of clothing and philosophy your clothes embody? What is Vinyl Boy all about?

Chad Smith gets a hug at the end of the show.Chad: It's basically about being yourself. I mean, that's where the whole clothing line came about from. I have a certain style. I used to always shop at thrift stores and stuff to get certain clothes. I was never a label whore. I saw this guy wear these orange furry pants one time, to make a long story short, and they were, like, a hundred and fifty dollars. I'm not paying a hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of pants. And I went home, taught myself how to sew, went to a fabric store...and, it just progressed. I made some sweat pants, got some cheap material. I got crazier and crazier, so basically it's all about being yourself. I mean, every time you see me in an outfit, that's totally me. It might not be you, it might not be him, but it's all myself. And that's where it all stems from. You just want to express yourself — that's how I express myself.

So when I see other people wearing the clothes...everybody always asks me, "When everybody wears your clothes, do you get all excited and think you're this and that?..." and I don't. When people wear my clothes they turn into another kind of person. They have a lot of fun, and I like seeing that...a lot. People are like, "Oh, you've got your clothes in fashion shows and magazines." But it's more about seeing people have a good time. When they dress normally, they just blend into the crowd, and when they put the clothes on, it brings another person out in them. And that's totally where the clothes are coming from. I had no ambitions on being a designer, no ambitions on selling the clothes, or anything like that. It's just the people, the scene that made me in demand or to produce clothes or want to do the clothing thing. And everybody that comes up and is like, "You're a designer..." I hate that word. I'm not a designer at all...I just put together what I wear and people like it. If people didn't like it, I would still wear it, because that's totally me. It just happens to be that people like that style. And that's what the clothing line stems from.

Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion
Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion
Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion Vinyl Boy fashion

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