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  Tribute 1.15.00
by Plane

Venue: Garden City Convention Center - Augusta, GA
Presented by: Soloboy Productions

Soloboy Productions threw a party named Tribute on January 15 in Augusta, Ga. It was a tribute to their friend Nelson Mendoza, who had passed away in November. :(

We didn't get there until pretty late because of lack of directions on the flier. None of the phone numbers on the flier gave any directions either. We were about to give up until we looked on Lunar, and found one more phone number that wasn't on the flier. The promoter answered the phone, gave us directions, and off we went. But come on guys, pay attention to this next time (we're sure you learned your lesson)!

After a two hour drive, we pulled up to the Garden City Convention Center. As we entered, we experienced easy going and friendly security. The place was full of kids having fun. Fewer people showed up do to the competition with two larger Atlanta parties, but it was still packed. We caught the end of Sploo's breakbeat set (founder of Hoodwink Records). He's a great guy, and we would really like to see him in Atlanta (hint! hint!). Then we were graced with a set by Huda Hudia. He was tearing up the breaks, and the kids were getting down. We giggled while watching girls swoon over Huda Hudia asking for his autograph. He was the man in Augusta that night!

Huda Hudia was a lot of fun, but the most interesting act was S.P.A.W.N. and P.A.W.N. lasers out of Philly. This was a live PA with lasers and dancing girls. Well, actually it was a dancing girl in an outfit with mirrors all over. As they jammed on their synths playing their own progressive trance music, the girl danced in front of a green laser. The laser reflected off of the mirrors and gave off a wicked effect. I had to cover my eyes a couple of times to protect them. I bet the Augusta kids had never seen anything like this before!

And we did get to catch part of Satoshi's set of drum n bass. Satoshi, from Knoxville, is very talented, and we've been hearing a lot about him. We could see why. For all you jungle heads out there, keep an eye out for this one. He tears it up!

We had a good time. Our words of advice, Turbosound. The sound was concentrated in the center of the main room, and you could barely hear it when you walked towards the hallway. Better sound always makes a better party. But you guys did a great job. We only wish the scene in Augusta good luck!

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