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  Trancefusion 4.1.99
by Sabrina Sexton Weil

Venue: The Vault - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Mirage in association with Shapeshifter Productions

Sabrina Sexton WeilArriving at the Vault around 10 pm, we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice group of people already waiting in the parking lot. We were greeted with Sweet Tarts and wishes of "Love from Birmingham" to make our wait more enjoyable. When the doors finally opened, the anticipation could be felt as people streamed into the club...paying their measly $3 to hear some fine tunes.

The front room of the Vault was hosted by Shapeshifter Productions. They usually provide a showcase of Atlanta dj's every Thursday night at Transit. This evening, they had teamed with Mirage to provide the makeup party for Moda and Jazz-e's abbreviated set at the Tabernacle, which had been cut short by some guy playing Tarzan.

We took a moment to speak with Maxwell and Kevin of Mirage, and Maxwell shared with us what he expected from the evening: "We just hope people have fun and that the people who come here realize that the vibe is the most important thing any party can have, and that we've got people we really respect coming in. Moda and Jazz-e are incredible musicians, and they're the kind of music we love. We hope that everyone enjoys the evening!"

Glowsticks and lasersMirage resident dj Mike B. opened the evening as the crowd streamed in. He then released the decks to Mr. Scarey! We marveled at how long it had been since we'd heard him play out — three years at least — during the old Madhouse days. He played all kinds of music, ranging from classic tracks to an unreleased Rabbit in the Moon track. He played to an ever-growing crowd...the club was rapidly filling with happy, excited people eager to have a good time on a Thursday night.

Jazz-e and Moda Then, around 12:15 am, magic began. Moda and Jazz-e's live set rocked the house! Their funky blend of acid trance got the crowd pumped. Their soon-to-be-released track "Funkin' Acid" was a hit...sending the dancefloor into a sea of throbbing, jumping bodies. People were dancing everywhere — from the pit in the center of the main room to the stage behind Trancefusion Music's duo — and everyone seemed to be loving it. Some idiot set off a string of firecrackers in the middle of their set, but the vibe was so positive, that jerk's antics were quickly forgotten. (He or she is just lucky nobody got hurt.)

After their exciting live performance (complete with Moda's facial expressions that corresponded to the music's builds and peaks), Jazz-e retreated to the dj booth to lay down some funky, groovy tunes. The dancefloor was momentarily cleared to make way for a pair of extremely strong breakdancers who mesmerized everyone with their acrobatics. Enthusiastic dancers, however, soon filtered into the middle of the circle to return the club to its "okay, now everybody dance" regularly scheduled programming.

Jazz-e Moda took over the tables after Jazz-e's rousing set, and he proceeded to break out some of the most impressive progressive trance we've heard in a long time. The sweeping melodies that washed over the crowd were reminiscent of Paul Van Dyk's set in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. Note: we need more progressive trance played out in Atlanta. Everybody loved it! Moda kept the dancefloor moving until 4 am, and we were quite impressed by the number of people left who were still eager to get their groove on. Two girls even got up on the bar next to the dj booth and precariously swung their Jnco-clad hips around to the beat until the lights came on.

Kelley shakes it for the Lunar Magazine cameras. One thing that really stands out about Moda and Jazz-e, beyond their amazing musical talents, is how genuine they are. They took the time to speak with fans about the equipment they used to make their incredible music, and they accepted all compliments with a sincere smile. To top off the incredible vibe of the evening, it was great to see not only the performers having a great time, but Maxwell and Kevin of Mirage as well. They ran around that night with big grins on their faces, truly enjoying the music, the people and the spirit of the evening.

We stayed until the very end of the evening, when Vault security began saying "Bye bye" to us. The atmosphere of the club, the smiles on everyone's faces, and the fabulous music presented that night will remain in the hearts of many who attended for a long, long time. Smaller scale events do tend to have a special personality, and we think that this evening was a perfect example of how to do it right.

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