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  Third Eye pres. Nick Warren 07.20.2005
Venue: Lava Lounge, Charlotte NC

Sky / Lava Located at the corner of Elizabeth and South Independence, Lava Lounge/Sky Nightclub sits on a block that's part urban cityscape, part college campus and part strip mall. The natives seem friendly, at the Internet Cafe next door; jovially describing Sky as the place to go to hear some "Euro-techno". For this particular night, only the lounge(Lava) portion of Sky was open to the public—which is unfortunate, as the place looked inviting even in the dark, in stolen glances from the walkway connecting the front entrance to the lounge itself.

Nick Warren The closed-off Sky hinted at the posh and polish, and Lava is done up entirely with a comfort-centric, middle-eastern theme. It's easy to imagine the lounge once (or perhaps even presently, as well) catering to the trendy hookah-smokers. The dark walls are red-painted scenery reminiscent of Arabian nights and cushioned couches line the perimeter of a shotgun-style layout. It was a little surprising at the smallness of the venue, from bar to DJ booth to simply capacity. However, this was a welcomed contrast to the mega-clubs of Atlanta for a night where the superstar DJ/producer Nick Warren was opening for himself. Intimate setting for an intimate night of music.

The crowd ran the same gamut as the music. From casual schmoozing to fired-up hardcore clubbers, and the people came and went as the music ebbed from sub-100 bpm to tunes that would've and could've moved packed dance floors. People danced, drank and generally had a great time... including the deejay himself, who closed out the night by dancing, greeting and otherwise mingling with the last throng of attendees.

See for yourselves...

click for more pictures from Charlotte


Nick Warren - Global Underground: Shanghai
Global Underground: Shanghai from Disc 1:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Somehow (Aural Imbalance Remix)
  3. Once (Sunseeker Remix)
  4. Don't Forget Me (Way Out West's Clifton High Instrumental Mix)
  5. Over It
  6. Vapour Trails
  7. The Drake Equation
  8. Horowitz
  9. Sunshine
  10. Pillow (Quasar Remix)
  11. Solace (Gardner & Star Mix)
Disc 2:
  1. Natural High
  2. Fly Guitar (Astero Breaks Remix)
  3. Conversations (Shiloh Remix)
  4. Come To Me (Amateur Guitar Mix)
  5. Synthetic Symphony
  6. Acperience 1
  7. Sorry For Being Rude
  8. Maleta
  9. Flame
  10. Changing In The Face Of Grace
  11. Simple Things
  12. Your Touch

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