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  Sushi Clothing Fashion Show 4.2.99
by Sabrina Sexton Weil

Style. Skin. Sushi.

Sabrina Sexton WeilThe Sushi Clothing fashion show, held at Groove Park, was a night of swank house-y beats and clothes with punch. The crowd was very hip, and the club was a perfect setting for the event, with its interesting architectural features and lush decor.

In the dressing room, we asked Wendy, one of the models, what she expected from the evening. She told us, "It's going to be really different, because all of the models have a lot of dramatic makeup as opposed to being real pretty-looking. And it's an Asian theme, so everybody's got accentuated eyes and chopsticks in their hair."

Sushi Clothing fashion showTravis, one of the makeup artists, elaborated on the makeup strategy for the evening: "Basically, what we really wanted to do is go very exotic and androgenous. So we decided to just go for it and make everything really wild."

And wild it was. The models strutted their stuff in everything from a slinky red dress to barely anything at all. At the end of the show, they threw fortune cookies and traditional Chinese candy to the audience.

Russ, a spokesperson for Sushi, said, "I thought we had a wonderful, wonderful show. I thought the girls were awesome, the hair from Van Michaels — awesome. The makeup from Travis and Amari — awesome. I think the club was very cooperative with us, and we got to go kind of...we crossed the line a little bit with a little nudity. I think the crowd loved the candy and the fortune cookies. The clothes are great."

Sushi Clothing fashion showBrian, also known as 12" Gangsta, said, "I thought the show was absolutely wonderful. It was very well produced...a lot better than a lot of the other fashion shows I've seen. The girls were beautiful...even the guys were beautiful, and two thumbs up for them. They did a good job. They could have cheesed out, but they didn't. I liked it."

Graham offered his comments as well. "It was a very refreshing change from going out and seeing candy ravers all night. Not that there's anything wrong with candy ravers, but there's something wrong with all candy ravers. I love diversity and it was good to come here."

Sushi Clothing Company is located at 424 Moreland Ave. NE in Little 5 Points and is owned by Bill Hallman. For more information, call Sushi Clothing at 404/522.1010.

backstage at Sushi backstage at Sushi
backstage at Sushi backstage at Sushi backstage at Sushi
backstage at Sushi backstage at Sushi Adam and friends
Sushi fashion Sushi fashion Sushi fashion
Sushi fashion Sushi fashion Sushi fashion

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