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  Southern Comfort 9.6.00
by Chris Haire

Venue: The Crescent Room - Atlanta, GA

Where are you normally on Wednesday nights? At home relaxing? Shame on you! You're only missing the best weekly party in Atlanta. Every Wednesday, the Crescent Room in Midtown hosts Atlanta's newest weekly, Southern Comfort which features the best in music, food, drink, and atmosphere.

First of all, if you have never been to the Crescent Room, you're missing out on one of Atlanta's best-kept secrets. The club is decorated with plush furniture, eclectic art, and incredible lighting, all strategically placed to provide the ultimate atmosphere for the young 20-something crowd that is ever-present. If that wasn't enough, Southern Comfort features free Bass Ale and exquisite food catered by Loca Luna.

Marcos Pieras and Michael Scott of Satellite Records have teamed up to bring a much-needed break from the weekly grind on "Hump Day." Every week, the party features quality music that always has a deep element to it. Marcos and Michael, who are extremely skilled in their own right, spin every week, but they also bring in a new DJ or two every week to keep the music fresh.

On this night, we were to be treated by none other than Mr. C and Eddie Richards. Unfortunately, Mr. C couldn't make the party due to some legal troubles with Warner Brother's records, but he's temporarily scheduled to make-up the missed date sometime in December.

However, Eddie Richards left none of us disappointed, to say the least. Marcos and Michael spun before Eddie, setting him up perfectly, moving through any house music with a deep, groovy beat. When Mr. Richards finally stepped up, he quickly knocked everyone on the floor with the best of UK house, continuing to keep everything on the deep tip. As his set moved on, he surprised everyone with his unfamiliar track selection that was spiced with a southern folk feel.

To sum it up, if you haven't been to the Crescent Room on Wednesdays yet, you're definitely missing out. Marcos and Michael have brought together the best of everything you could ever want from a night out in Atlanta, all in one place for an amazing price. Take a nap, take off work the next day, save your homework for the weekends, do whatever it takes to make it out to the Southern Comfort party. You won't regret it.

Marcos Pieras Michael Scott Eddie Richards
Crowd Sophie Crowd

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