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  Seks with Timo Maas 05.18.2002
by Jordan Lanier
Photos by Jordan Lanier

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Eleven50 and Seks

Timo Maas at Seks/eleven50For the past few years, every internationally known DJ has dropped the needle on the record of tracks by the German producer and DJ known as Timo Maas. There are very few producers involved with dance music today who can straddle so many different genres and succeed nearly every time. Timo Maas is certainly one of those prolific producers whose talents are nearly immeasurable.

Stage decoration at Seks/eleven50Maas has been playing for more than a decade and writing music since the mid-nineties. He made his way back around to Atlanta, this time while on tour for his most recent release. With Loud, his debut album of wholly original music, Timo wasn't satisfied to simply throw down a bevy of similar sounding tracks, only leaving a few to shine. It was diversified from beginning to end, attracting different people to a buffet of sound that he brought with him to Eleven50. For those that made it out, they got a real treat: a four-hour set from Mr. Maas that was astonishing. The masses made it to Eleven50, some from Atlanta and others from afar, some having seen Timo before, others not even knowing his name. The stage had been adorned perfectly with huge stuffed animals, toys and giant beach balls. Even better were the oversized blocks that spelled out T-I-M-O to the left of the stage and M-A-A-S to the right. In addition, the two raggedy Anne looking dancers on opposite sides of the stage gave the evening a pleasant theatrical quality coupled with scenery.

Seks-y dancer at Timo MaasTimo Maas has skills behind the decks that can be matched by few, and the showcase of those abilities left many in awe. Timo's set development is incomparable to any other DJ today. His control of the dance floor is overwhelming; through intense sonic lulls followed by breathtaking builds and audio fallouts, he is captivating when witnessed live. The rhythmic feel of Timo's sound merges the funkiness of breakbeats with the hypnotic, frictionless glide of trance. Listening to Timo in your living room just doesn't have the same impact, as there is no question that his style and track selections are geared towards the massive club environment. His ability to fuse hard house, repetitive trance and electro-funk in one congruent set is inspiring. Timo's mix was a metamorphosis from hot and funky to dark and chilly and back again with amazing ease and impeccable flow. He played two notable tracks off his newest release, "Manga" and "Shifter" featuring MC Chickaboo, which both received a massive response from those on the dance floor. The clever nuances that emerge from Timo's sets are so unique, as well as the only thing hinting to where he is taking you. Even with his secured superstar DJ status, the laurels upon which he could rest in perpetuity, if he wished, seem to never be contemplated. With intense energy and enthusiasm, he expertly brings the style that can have an entire venue feeling the beat and letting the positive vibes flow freely.

All in all, the night was splendid from start to finish. Yet again, Seks and Eleven50 rose to the occasion for a DJ as special as Timo Maas. It was a very 'up for it' crowd, with the dance floor staying packed all night. People seemed to really enjoy themselves, as did Timo. He took time out for anyone and everyone, including some onstage shenanigans. Vielen danke! Auf wiedersehen, Timo!

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Loud from Loud
Track Listing:

  1. Help Me
  2. Manga
  3. Hash Driven
  4. Shifter
  5. Hard Life
  6. That's How I've Been Dancin'
  7. We Are Nothing
  8. Old School Vibes
  9. O.C.B.
  10. To Get Down
  11. Ubik (The Breaks)
  12. Like Love
  13. Caravan
  14. Bad Days

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