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  Seks with Lucient Foort 03.16.2002
by Norman Mayers
Photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Eleven50 and Seks

Lucien Foort at Eleven50Atlanta's progressive scene seems stronger than ever thanks to the monthly Seks parties at eleven50. This month was no exception, as the promoters brought in the top-notch talent of Lucien Foort from the Netherlands. Known for progressive sets that have been described as funky, this night was primed to be a very unique one. As always, the plush environment of eleven50 set the perfect mood for the evening. The cathedral-like ceilings, stellar sound system and ample dancing room make for a pleasant experience every time. And you can't forget the incredible light show and dancers. Seks is definitely a feast for the senses.

Gene Carbonell at Eleven50[Ed: Seks resident Gene Carbonell opened the night, with his signature sound that had the crowded moving early in the night.]

When I arrived, Lucien had just begun his set. Instead of the DJ booth overlooking the club, Lucien was spinning on the much more visible stage. This added a new dynamic and sense of intimacy to the night that was greatly appreciated. His long dreads gave him a very striking appearance that was totally unexpected. With each mix he bounced around like a dreaded Carl Cox. Mr. Foort was quite entertaining to watch, but I came to hear him spin. And what a show this gentleman put on. Lucien's set was masterful to say the least as he moved through track after track of progressive splendor. I could not ID a single track, but every new selection was incredible and held together by seamless mixes. Foort's set was actually quite varied as he People dancing at Eleven50bounced between dark and percussive progressive numbers and bass heavy nu skool breaks. There was a clear absence of cheesy anthems and more of a funky flavor to his selections, which was definitely a welcome change. Those in attendance were eating it up, as the dancefloor was packed all night.

Sushi models at Eleven50[Ed: As if that wasn't enough, Eleven50 and Sushi Clothing had a small runway show to unveil their latest selection in the back lounge area. Most people's attention were held by the DJs on the stage, but our photographer managed to capture a few of the cat-walkers as they paraded past an equally captivated audience. Beautiful music and beautiful women are quite the combination, as if the night wasn't already Seks'y enough.]

The vibe seemed to vary from place to place in the club, which is a usual occurrence in 1150. The closer you got to the DJ, the better the vibe. I found a spot to the right of the stage that seemed to carry a healthy vibe all night. Old skool ravers and new skool hipsters mixed it up and danced their worries away. Most in attendance seemed to be there to hear good music, and this made my night. Thanks for another night of great music from eleven50 and Seks.

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