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  Seks with Deep Dish 04.12.2002
by Damon Fonooni
Photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Eleven50 and Seks

Main stageWith their recent successes in receiving a Grammy award for their remix of Dido's "Thank You," the release of the twenty-first installment in the Global Underground series, which was a reflection on their two day set at Club XIII in Moscow, and a slew of hot tracks on their Yoshitoshi imprint, one expects the welcoming acceptance of the public and the press and therefore a magnificent turnout to see Deep Dish play at Eleven50. And that is exactly what happened. Whether or not the people in the audience were classic house heads, loyal Deep Dish fans, or just people out to have a good time, there was an overflow of bodies until the last drops of music dissolved into the early morning.

Standing Room OnlyI arrived at Eleven50 just after eleven o'clock, and upon entering the club, I first noticed that instead of using the upper balcony for a DJ booth, a stage was set up on the main dance floor. There was also an Egyptian theme for the décor inside, complete with 16-foot high hieroglyphic banners and draped ribbon and material across the stage. A projection screen hung above the turntables that displayed distorted visual images of the DJ, or in this case the DJs. It was apparent that there was a lot of thought that went into the mood and environment that was wanted by Seks and Deep Dish themselves. Overall, I was very impressed with the sound system setup that night, mainly because the speakers were surrounding the dance floor and not just angled out from a single corner.

Dancing at Deep DishMuch to my surprise (but a very welcome one), at 11:30 Deep Dish stepped up to the decks and their audience. Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia was first up, making a very subtle entrance with a synth-washed, minimal house track. The volume went up, and immediately everyone began to shuffle their feet to the pounding bass line. I cannot describe the width of the grin that appeared on my face; I knew by the very first thump to come out of the subwoofers that this was going to be a very pleasing night for me and for the mass of people that came out to see the masterful DJ duo.

Seks DancerThe first two hours or so was a journey through deep and techy house just the right formula to get everyone grooving to the music. The gorgeous cords of X-Press 2 featuring David Byrne's "Lazy" shone through, putting a cap on the housier end of the night. Next up was a combination of house doused in techno formulas, but when Ali played techno, it seemed more like house. That time of the night was just the beginning of a demonstration on how one can change the ambiance of music within different contexts.

As Sharam stepped up to the decks, he began to really toy with the crowd, teasing them with a build up and drop off of energy. Oh, what's that? Nuskool bass lines grinding through? Beginning his descent into the rumbling low ends of perhaps a newer school of thought, Sharam dropped Akodama's "Slightly Forward" on SAW Records. And, oh my! Some nuskool break beats to accompany those bass lines? I think so! Oh-so-sick breaks and beats began bumping their way through the minds and the hips of all in attendance, even venturing to play a certain nuskool remix of Basement Jaxx that asked the simple question, "Where's Your Head At?" The answer was clear: everyone's heads were being swamped with driving rhythms and melodic hints of house music.

Acqua at night Venturing darker and more percussive, the duo began switching off more often and were relentless about driving their audience to nonstop dancing. With the filtered sound of an unreleased remix of Fingerfest Inc's "Autoporno," the vocal recorded by our very own Gene Carbonell, all hands were in the air and all feet were rocking the ground. The foreign spoken words of Milo's "Jungle of Mirror" were heard near the end. How is it possible that Deep Dish kept a full house, and I mean FULL, until the very last encore song they played? This ability and talent is what ranks Deep Dish among the top DJs and producers internationally.

Throughout the night, I worked my way through the club inside and out, and everywhere I went was packed with people. The outside area, crowned "The Aqua Lounge," was full of socializing people needing a break from the loud music inside. A real treat was in the Luke Fair in the Loungeback gallery where Yoshitoshi's own Luke Flair was playing deep, soulful, house music. His remix of Satoshi Tomiie's "Virus" was released on SAW Records not too long ago. Luke's music reminded me of progressive house from the good ol' days when it was happy and uplifting, not concerned with a darker mask in its melodies and harmonies. I spoke with Luke for a moment, and he is a very kind, sincere person and rather young as well. In our conversation I asked him about the sound problem (in the form of a low frequency hum and feedback from the subwoofers) at the very begging of Deep Dish's set, because I noticed that a turntable was taken from Luke's area to use up front, postponing his set. He laughed and told me that one of them had simply flipped a switch, resulting in a good number of people scurrying here and there to try and remedy the problem. Nice to know that even the most talented of musicians come with their mistake-making human counterpart, isn't it? Things like that make it seem like perhaps, even if only for a few moments, we are all on the same level, jet-setting DJs or not.

My face was still sore the next day from that wide grin on my face the night before.

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Yoshiesque v. 2 from Yoshiesque vol. 2
Compiled by Deep Dish

Track Listing:

  1. I Think Im In Love - Spiritualized
  2. Back When We Was Attached - Jori Hulkkonen
  3. Carabola - Azymuth
  4. Lovely - Soulstice
  5. Marscarter - Bernard Leon Howard III
  6. What We Do In Life - Behrquz
  7. Blair Bitch - Blair Bitch
  8. Praying - A Capella The Path Featuring Marcel
  9. Glow - Ortus
  10. The Future - Oil Uk
  11. 165 Drop - Hot Lizard
  12. Dubb Me Some Tin Fresh - Halo Hipp-e And Tony
  13. Surrender Yourself - The Daou
  14. Feel Up - Spook
  15. Finally - Kings Of Tomorrow Feat Julie Mcknight
  16. So Strong - Ben Shaw Feat Adele Holness
  17. Samba - Faze Action
  18. Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother - Dusted
  19. Lights Off - Loudeast
  20. Choose Life - Humate
  21. Strange World - Greed Feat Lesley
  22. Afrika - Oliver Lieb Pres Snakemen
  23. I Wish You Were Here - John Creamer And Stephanie K
  24. Innocente (Falling In Love) - Delerium Feat Leigh Nash
  25. Funny Car - Morel
  26. Man Dont Cry - Espiritu

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