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  Seks 9.22.01
by Chris Handy

Venue: The Chamber - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Seks

Nigel DawsonThere are few parties in this town where the guy apparently having the most fun is sitting behind the tables, but that is the kind of atmosphere Seks just seems to sustain show after show. And does it feel more like a show rather than a party? With the way the Chamber seems to constantly transform into a different club every time I walk in, but still remain as comfortable as if you just walked into Cheers, it is no wonder why events like "Virjin" have literally been demanded by the public who just can't seem to get enough.

So where does this night in particular start? Walking in to hear Gene Carbonell play out sounds like a good point. Flexing his own style of dark, sexy, progressive house on the crowd, there are few people in Atlanta that can lay the smackdown on crowds with such an extensive selection of fresh tunes. Getting the crowd warmed up with tracks like Chab's "The Chab," "String of Life" by Plank 15, and an unreleased remix of "Sanctuary" by Jimmy Van M, if you haven't heard Gene play out, then you may need to seriously consult a physician, and remember to SUPPORT YOUR LOCALS!

Next up was the man of the evening, current resident DJ at Renaissance, destroyer of all dancefloors in his way, and a pretty nice guy to boot. Nigel Dawson came on and did not disappoint one bit. Moving from deep, pulsating vocals on tracks like Valio's "Rapture (JC & SK remix)" into some straight up move your ass records like Hybrid's remix of "Everything in its right place," it is no wonder that Nigel has been given the same job bestowed upon Sasha and Digweed almost a decade ago. Coming through with "East to West" by Osiris (which is the Egyptian God of the underground), a cool cover version of "Song of the Siren" by This Mortal Coil, and "Coming Down" by Mara, I thought Nigel did a really good job of keeping everyone dancing the whole night. He even felt the urge from patrons in the club to play "one more song" after he had finished, and he gave the crowd more than they could handle with the Superchumbo mix of "In the Music" by Deep Swing. Moving through great record after another all night long (as well as drinks), I would definitely not think twice to catch Nigel the next time he comes through town.

Seks does a great job of bringing progressive talent through Atlanta that most people don't get a chance to see. However, there are those occasions where the performances are so good, they ultimately warrant a return visit. That will take place in the form of Parks and Wilson on October 19th (2001) at Virjin, so don't miss out.

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