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  Seks 6.23.01
by Charles Michael Fulton

Venue: The Chamber - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Seks

Stepping into the Chamber last Saturday night was like stepping onto the set of a high-budget remake of Caligula, in all its high-minded decadent glory. The club was tastefully decorated with a minimal number of gauzy white streamers. The ones in the rear were featuring what seemed to be some sort of bondage porn film, which was completely appropriate to the venue and the atmosphere. But the coupe de grâce was the faux-marble altar perched at the center of the stage. It was very cool, and I was actually disappointed to find Gene Carbonell dropping records on top of it instead of sacrificing virgins or some sort of domesticated animal. [Editor's Note: Lunar does not condone sacrifices of any kind.] Not that there's anything wrong with Gene Carbonell. He's an elegant and interesting DJ. No, sir, Gene is a pleasure to listen to...I'm just really into sacrificial virgins. Plus, it would be evidence that they put a lot of work into Seks if they were to actually find a virgin somewhere in that Chamber crowd.

Not that they don't put a lot of work into Seks. No, sir, the Tesla Coil in the center of the marble altar was evidence of that. You know, a Tesla coil, one of those things that you can find at Spencer's that shoots lightning at your hand and then makes your hair stand on end. I mean, where did they get this thing? Was Mystery Science Theatre having a yard sale?

Anyway, on to the music. You know, Gene Carbonell really knows what he's doing. I guess that really shouldn't surprise me, but, it's just that I've actually talked to the guy, on several occasions. And he drops records like he spends most of his time in jets, flying from city to city, looking out the window, thinking about how his records should meld together. And who knows, maybe he does. Although, I do see him working at Satellite records and being incredibly helpful all the time....

What Gene has that other DJ's don't is...I'm not really sure how to put it. I want to say taste, but that's a little weak. Gene plays really interesting music, and in my opinion this is the highest compliment a DJ can receive. Any DJ can throw down two hours worth of hard house to keep the crowd moving all night. But Gene knows that a good club night is about satisfying the mind as well as exhausting the body. He has never fallen into a rut, in all the times I've heard him, and he moves from genre to genre in a way that leaves me wondering, anticipating what the next track will be.

Mr. Parks was the first of the night's dynamic duo to take the altar. He started out a little more tech house than I expected, but his track selection was great. It was really intricate, interesting tech house, the kind of tracks that I dream of dancing to; stuff that moves your body somewhere between electro-popping and liquid.

While Parks was getting the crowd moving, I ran into Mick Wilson in the crowd. I recognized him from the stage, and in all my impeccable cool, I turned to him and asked, "So are you Parks or Wilson?" He was Wilson, obviously, and he was very cool. I introduced myself over the Park's pounding, and I actually had the chance to ask him a couple of questions. Mick told me that he liked the Chamber, because it was dark and that Gene Carbonell was "a nice bloke." He also told me that Parks usually opens, and then they tag team hour to hour.

And this was true for the first three hours. On hour three, however, Parks slipped in some epic trance before the crowd was ready for it. When Wilson returned to the stage, he worked hard to regain the crowd's attention, but after three or four banging tracks, he once again had us in his thrall.

This night truly belonged to Mick Wilson. He is a very muscular guy, both physically and in track selection. And he's not afraid to flex, as a couple of the people by the stage found out in several bizarre flex-and-response moments of masculine reification. Mick kept it going (yeah, we met, we're on a first-name basis) well into the night, past what I thought would be the club's closing hours. But his presence was a real treat, and we (amazingly) had enough energy to call for one last track before we limped out into the sweltering Atlanta night.

Three cheers to Seks for continuing to bring top-flight talent to our modest big city. See you at Slacker!

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