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  Science Friction 6.16.01
by Toshia Sheets

Venue: The Contemporary - Atlanta, GA
Sponsored by: Flavourset Productions

Toshia SheetsI was unsure about what to expect from this night, since I had never attended a Flavourset event. But I thought: "Music, art, clothes...(probably a lot of alcohol)...and it's 21+...what the hell!" So, I dragged my pal Johnny Quest with me. (If the night turned out to be a total bore, I was sure not to endure it alone!)

The party began at 9pm, and we arrived at the venue around 10pm. Parking was $10, which is a bit high, but there was a guard in a little booth that watched over the parking lot, and he was still there when we left. So it was at least a secure parking lot. The venue was so much more than either of us had expected! The entrance consisted only of a few people sitting at tables taking tickets, and there was nothing more than a six-foot high wall separating the partiers from the party. And, there was no one searching!! (It's nice to be treated like a responsible adult sometimes!) Just inside the entrance was a bar that would put any club in Atlanta to shame (and it wasn't the only one)! The main part of the "venue" was a big open "courtyard," which is the entrance to the art gallery. To the left was the stage/dancefloor, which also held the DJ. There seemed to be some sort of invisible wall that kept everyone from walking up the two steps to get up there. (That didn't last long.)

The crowd at Science FrictionMost everyone in attendance looked absolutely fabulous! This was more of the Midtown club crowd than rave kids. There were a few that showed up in "raver gear" (UFO's, sports bras, wings). They seemed a bit uncomfortable.

The main area was completely outside. Over the stage was what looked like metal rafters for a roof, but there was no roof! There was a brick wall along the backside of the stage and just behind the DJ. To the right of the DJ, there was a simple cloth barrier, with a laser that ran across it with "Flavourset Productions presents...Science Friction." (It was backwards from the took us a while to figure out what it said!)

beautiful peopleWe decided to venture around and check out this new place. The gallery was simple and clean. (Can't say the same for the bathrooms....) There were 2 bars (maybe 3) inside the gallery. We walked through the gallery and checked out some of the art. Great stuff! Unfortunately, I don't recall who the artists were. Where are those flyers when you need them?

In the back of the gallery, there was a doorway that looked like we weren't supposed to go through. So we did! Yay for being curious! We found the outside patio where everyone was hanging out. Why were they there? Food! Lots and lots of (free) yummy food! There were several restaurants from Atlanta in attendance with samples of their menus. This patio kind of reminded me of the courtyard of "Melrose Place"!

We wandered back to the "main stage" and broke through the invisible shield! Johnny introduced me to Brett Long...a fabulous person and an even better DJ! The crowd was slow to build on the dancefloor, but it was packed in no time. As soon as the floor started jumping, a temperamental clothing designer approached Brett and said "It's time for my fashion show! Stop the music!!" Wow! What bad timing for anything to interrupt a DJ who's got the floor packed and moving! The gallery was empty, and that probably would've been a much better place for the fashion show.

models with flashlightsAfter starting and stopping the music (it was on a CD) and after screaming "move out of the way" a million times, the fashion show was on its way. I must have expected something completely different, because I really wasn't impressed with the clothing. It looked, to me, like stuff that could be found at any mall. (What was I expecting...Oldham? McCartney? Dior? D&G? Versace?) I think some of the "models" thought they were on the runway of a strip club! Does the stripper dance really show the clothing better? I still don't get the point of the flashlights, either.

It took no time at all for Brett to get the floor movin' and groovin' again! He played for a very long time! He was on when we arrived, and played until George Acosta's arrival at approximately 2am'ish. We hung out for a bit and listened to George's set, and decided to leave around 3:30am. It was supposed to be over at 4, anyway.

Urban CowboysIf I could use only one sentence to describe this party, it would be "This is what happens when ravers grow up!" This night was so much more than just a party. This was definitely an event! I can't wait for the next Flavourset production! (We need many more events like this in Atlanta!)

The only thing I have to say in closing is: Whatever you do, don't sit on the tables! That's just not right! (You know who you are!)


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  2. Take Me High
  3. Heaven
  4. Target
  5. Spirit of Virtue
  6. Straight to the Point
  7. Nature City
  8. Set You Free
  9. Take a Trip
  10. Free
  11. Grim Reaper
  12. Emotions (Outro)

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