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  Sands of Time 4.15.00
by Nikole Vines

Venue: The Globe Theater - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: The Globe Family

I thought that Liquified Universe was the best party that I had ever been to. I thought that the vibe there was the most amazing one I had ever felt. I thought nothing could ever top Liquified Universe. The key phrase here is: I thought. Sorry Liquid Groove, your party was phat, but, well, thems the breaks. (Literally speaking.)

I arrived at Sands of Time early. There was no way I was missing Ulises and Clay Ivey in a battle set. When I walked up to Atlanta's newest venue, The Globe Theater, there wasn't much of a line. This was good, because waiting was nonexistent. But, it was also a bad sign. A small line usually means a small turn-out. But I would soon learn how wrong I was. The party's price was great! It was $15 before midnight, and $18 after.

I walked in and had to stand there for a minute, in total awe. The Globe Theater was BEAUTIFUL. They had a cool chill out area in the lobby, with plush futons all around, and were selling cool Egyptian stuff to go with the theme of the party. And if I thought that this nice, I was not prepared for the wonder of a club that lied just a few steps ahead. When I entered the main room, I began jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store. (And so did everyone else.) This was the greatest venue I had ever seen. The sound was so insane that you could barely hear yourself scream. The lazers grabbed you up, and pushed you on to the dance floor. And the dance floor itself just made you grin. It was just like one of those old discotheque dance floors. Large pieces here and there would light up in an array of different colors as you twisted and turned over them. The deep purple walls with blue waves at the top mesmerized you. And the backdrop of the stage found your eyes all over it. It had the star patterns for the zodiac signs painted all over it. And the perfect finishing touch for this room: a huge stage, complete with dancers, with all of your favorite DJs spinning their hearts out. And then came the outdoor room. This was not your run of the mill second room. It was not a jungle room. It was a BREAKS room. Although it wasn't very decorated, and the wooden dance floor was kinda small, the kidz came out in hoards to break it down. And break it down they did. Did anyone complain that there was next to no jungle? Nope.

Did kidz seem to like the idea of a second breaks room, as opposed to a second jungle room? Oh yeah!

Ulises and Clay Ivey kicked off the party with their battles of funky house and bad ass beats. Both were tearin' it up back and forth. Ulises pushed out his pure funk that has made him god-like throughout Atlanta. But, Clay Ivey threw his hard house right back in the face of Ulises. Some kidz were slow to get out on the dance floor, but it didn't take long until this versus match made them move.

Next came DJ Kysa. Anyone who wasn't dancing was forced out on the dance floor by Kysa's smooth drum & bass and jungle. Two seconds into his set, the circle was formed. All the best dancers, like Pretty Boi, Eric, Allison, Elton, Carlos and Ruby, were right in the middle, breakin' it down like tomorrow would never come. Kysa's set was so incredible that right before he was about to go off, I heard a groups of kidz yell,"ALL HAIL KYSA." (I think they liked him.)

When the kidz thought they could dance no more, out stepped Dave London. His break beats kept the circle going in full force. I have heard Dave London before, but never like this. His breaks took you over and left you screaming for more. This is a DJ who is not to be missed.

The circle disbanded, and the stage was bum-rushed. It was time for Trip Theory. I could hardly contain myself as they began their set, so, I grabbed the closest kid, smiled, and hugged him. Then I noticed that everyone else was doing the same thing! Suddenly, the bass line kicked in and, "Trip Theory trekkin' in tha house tonight" was heard over the crowd. The white lights hit the mirror ball, and the club was filled with a beautiful glow. The bass continued and the beats began. The floor lit up and the kidz migrated to the dance floor. You could feel the vibrations, caused by the bomb ass dancers, move up your legs and flow all the way out your fingertips. Trip Theory gave kidz a new look at break beats. There was never a slow second when these break gods took the stage. Trip Theory was in rare form on this night, and it makes me smile just to know that I was there to witness it.

Trip Theory made their exit, and now it was time for a rest, right? WRONG. DJ Messiah casually stepped up to the tables and turned out the greatest trance set I've ever heard. I just don't have another word to describe it, other than amazing. There were points during his set when I just closed my eyes, sighed, and smiled the kind of smile that only a party kid knows about. He spins the kinds of hard trance that just make you dance when you feel like you have nothing left. Messiah just plain tore it up!

When you thought you could take no more, Casual High, the three person tag team, took over your spirit. Their phat nu skool sounds bounced off the walls and straight into your heart. Within ten minutes or so, the circle was back. The club had almost cleared out. All that remained were the truest of true party kidz, who danced until they were kicked out. Casual High closed the party perfectly. They drove kidz from excitement to exhaustion and back again. This was Casual High's first tag team appearance. Made up of Smokey, Dark 1 and Nu Logic, these DJs played like they were born to spin together. I can't wait to break it down to them again.

While all of this was going on in the main room, the outdoor room was filled with breakers. Wednesday and MC LP began by blowin' it up and throwin' it out. The room was packed, but dancing space was plentiful. Not only was Wednesday bustin' out his phat ass beats, but MC LP had the crowd so hyped up. People appeared to be going stark RAVING mad. It was great. This pair brought the concept of a breakers room to a wonderful reality.

Later came Scott Britt, whose covers of "Sweet Dreams" and "I Do Both Jay & Jane" took over the outdoor area. These break beat anthems are favorites among most party kidz. Throughout his entire set, I think I only saw two people who weren't dancing. What the hell was wrong with them? I'd never seen Scott Britt, so I didn't know what to expect. My lasting impression: he stole the second room show.

This party was absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST party I've ever been to. Every aspect of the party was incredible. The Globe Family worked their asses off for this, and they got what they deserved, which was a kick ass party. I can't wait for the next Globe family event. Who knows? Maybe they'll even top themselves! If I could come up with a better description than bad ass, beat kickin', heart poundin', bass thumpin', mother of all parties...I'd use it. But you know what? I don't. So, that's just gonna have to do. I think it does it justice, don't you?

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