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  Riviera 4-Year Anniversary 12.12.2003
Venue: Riviera

With the year coming to a close, it's time for the Riviera to celebrate its anniversary. This year, instead of some guest headliner, Lil'Steven turned the focus city-ward and opted for a showcase of some great local/regional talents for this night. Filling the timeslots in the main room and the Suite1055 lounge, are twenty-six Atlanta (and beyond) DJs for nearly twelve-hours worth of music—seemed like every face in the crowd was someone familiar.

Here are the pictorial highlights, as people danced until dawn...

Lily & Lil'Steven

Brett(DJ Numinous)


DJ TristanAC

DJ Camilus

DJ Kre-8 & DJ NO3



MC Enda

DJ Weatherman(Chris)




dancing in the lounge

Ross & Sabrina

MC Enda




Toto, Kevin, Katie & Lily

Ian & Angel




more photos—2 3 4


Andy C - Drum & Bass Arena
Life After Dark from Track Listing:

  1. MC Tali All Over Now
  2. Resonant Evil Trouble Shoot
  3. EZ Rollers Crowd Rocker
  4. D-Kray The Martians
  5. Karl K & J Kennedy Soul on Fire
  6. Matrix & Danny J Vertigo
  7. Keaton & Hive Bring It On
  8. Fresh Big Love
  9. Moving Fusion Chilli (Pepper Remix)
  10. Ecco & Sabotage House Music VIP
  11. Pendulum Back To You
  12. Concorde Dawn Morning Light
  13. Ed Rush & Optical Bullitt
  14. Total Science Nosher (Baron Remix)
  15. Fresh All Strung Out
  16. Ed Rush & Optical Goodfoot
  17. Wicker Man Mr Hungry
  18. DJ SS Stress Related
  19. HoldTight Tropez

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