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  Rhythm Collision 7.1.00
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Studio Central - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Liquid Groove

Liquid Groove kicked off July 2000 with a bang with Rhythm Collision at Studio Central. The combination of vicious breaks courtesy of a first time visit by a very "en fuego" Brit, a trance goddess coming off of a high-profile second sequel to the biggest selling dance CD ever, an anthem maker, and the fabled return of Deepsky. In addition to the main room, the drum n' bass room was rocking hard with Atlanta locals, and there was an open tent outside of the venue for some of ATL's finest to shine.

By the time I had managed to make it into the venue, Kevin O. was already done, which kind of sucked, since I was looking forward to some groovy house. Nevertheless, Adam Freeland was dropping some nasty breaks in the main room. As I made my way through the venue and made my hellos and hugs, the crowd seemed a little limp. I went over to the Dn'B room, which was in a word, loud. Was it Turbosound, or was it StripOffYourFleshAndLeaveASkeletonStandingTheresound? I couldn't even scream into someone's ear for 'em to hear me. We had to leave to communicate. Anyway, it was fun, just b/c we were demonstrating how those old Maxell commercials worked as Bobble freaked the tables. After I decided that I did want to hear certain frequencies by age 25, I headed into the open tents. Oh, boy did we head into something! Lunar forum's own Sharc was on the tables, and he was playing just what I ordered: House. Lots of fun, jumping, (and sometimes raunchy enough for the prudish to leave the tent) House. Let's just say that thanks to an Outthere Brothers track he threw on, some of us will never hear Johnny Gill's "My, My, My" the same way again.

After dancing to tracks that require multiple "Hail Mary's" for listening to, I came back inside to the main room. Any non-responsiveness in the crowd to Adam had largely diminished at this point in the game. When he played one of the current summer anthems, "The Red Pill," the dancefloor lit up like the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. As Adam wound it down, Deepsky stepped up to the plate, and the main room started to feel a little bit more claustrophobic.

The place was packed tight. For one hour, hundreds of people were huddled up feeling the vibes of that PA. For bits and pieces of that hour, I was one of those people. In the tent, Superstar DJ Sardaukar had the tent going nuts. There was a whole lot of movement during those breaks. Everyone from ninjaKid to PoPin to some guy who had to be pushing fifty was in the circle. And everyone was getting down. I came back to the main room, where Deepsky was winding down, and Sandra Collins was warming up. I wondered how she'd react to my T-shirt (I couldn't resist; it just popped up in my head), and I wondered how the set would be. I must say, it was impressive. Very impressive. Everyone was moving. The crowd was feeling every build, and was jumping when the beats dropped.

Right after Sandra signed off, Slacker stepped up. I think I'm one of five people in America who has singlehandedly managed to not hear "Roaches." Then again, I've also managed not to see most of the movies that are out this summer, either. That's not to diss Mr. McCauley by any means, however. Slacker was damn impressive, and considering that the crowd had dispersed like Hulk Hogan's hairline by this point, I had mad room to groove, which was nice, as always. After a while, my curiousity was piqued, so I hit the jungle room. That was ill-timed. The jungle room was the first room shut down. So I hit the tent to hear some tracks from good ol' Cor_e. By this point, it was all of the "survivors." Low Tek, Smurf (thanks to both of you for once again not getting my picture! :) ), PoPin, Honeybunny, and a few folks who wandered in from the Globe, including Mindi, Munchy, and Mr. Pink-o. I was just about to go back in to hear Slacker one last good time when I got the the foot of the steps to the Studio Central entrance and heard one immortal line: "I know you wanna do know I wanna do it, too..." Cor_e threw on the Detroit Grand Pu Bah's "Sandwiches," and I've never pole vaulted across a room as fast as I did when it came on.

Well, other than the ride home and the post-party breakfast, there's not much left to discuss. All in all, I must say that the party was impressive. Adam got the crowd hyped and moving, Sandra kept them up, and Atlanta's locals were most impressive, and I think that the open tables should be an ongoing trend. Hats off to Devin and the LG crew once again!

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