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  Pyramids 2.26.00
by DJ Hyst

Location: Montgomery, AL
Presented by: Play Productions

Blair at the afterpartyPyramids on Saturday night in Montgomery, hosted by Play Productions from Enterprise, Alabama, was a lot of fun. This was Chad Dannely's (the promoter) first go at hosting events, and with the event being in a town where the direction of the scene is uncertain, there were unanswered questions going into Saturday night. When the night was over — no more questions.

The event got off to a slow start...not at all due to the music or talent, more so the patrons that were at the venue early on. More people concerned with the fact that there was no alcohol at the event, and too much attention focused on a dance circle that featured two aspiring "So So Def Allstar" dancers. The venue was packed out by about 1 a.m., and the vibe began to pick up steam. The party featured Stylus from Orlando, Factor E, Hyst (myself), Joe-e (Berlin not Birmingham), Onyx, Spank-E, and several other locals.

Best analogy of the party...the night was filled with great music, from start to end! All the performers represented well. And, what's up Alabama...I've heard more Nu School Breaks from Alabama dj's than any other (except of course the Break.Fast Crew). Joe-e, Onyx, Spank-e all dropped a couple of the bass-ladened tracks in their set. That's refreshing! Stylus' set featured some of the most trancey breaks I've heard to date. Super nice guy, too...we hung out behind the decks talking about production and the conference for a few minutes. One other set to mention, Factor E to close down the night. Once again, a good trance-break set, a few key scratch sessions throughout, and nice closing to the evening. Thanks to Spank-e for hooking me up with the slammin' new mixtape as well (I just can't get enough good breaks demos).

I would like to thank Chad Dannely and Jeremy from Play Productions, Jonathan Stewart (Factor E), Alan from Freakshow Productions, and all the kids from Alabama that showed love Saturday night. Even though it's the other members of Break.Fast that are from Birmingham, I always feel at home with the Alabama faithful.

Atlanta promoters! —I don't think I've seen Stylus on any fliers from the ATL in a while, and I know I haven't seen Factor E on any. These are two VERY GOOD regional acts not to be ignored, and super guys. Peace.

Stylus in the shadows on the decks! Party! Stylus in the shadows again

Mandy, Blair and April

Lea, April and DJ Hyst

Lea and April

The light show

Kelley from Play Productions

Dan the breakdancer from Enterprise

Ghetto booty dancers Lea and 'So So Def Contestant #1'

So So Def girl

DJ Joe E (Berlin) and Onyx

DJ Spank E and Candice back at the hotel

DJ Factor E and Denise

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