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  Paul Van Dyk 12.9.99
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: The Warehouse - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Pleazure

Shannon PetrickPaul Van Dyk is a god. I remember how much I cried when I bought his 7 Ways album. I worshiped him and I still do. His music is so flexible; it can make you want to dance one minute and lay in a meditative trance the next. Last year at Fusion, he reminded me how powerful this music really is.

Kay and Holly are too cute.When I saw the line-up for December 9th at the Warehouse, I almost fainted. DJ Sync + Paul Van Dyk + Gene Carbonell = Trance Heaven! I arrived early enough to catch most of DJ Sync's set but ended up waiting in line for about thirty minutes or more. I was trying to keep in good spirits but that freezing wind kept blowing! Even though the ticket-holder line was short, it moved very slowly. I almost wish I hadn't bought a ticket because there was absolutely no waiting in the "non-ticket holder" line.

Rather than complain, I focused on what a great night it was going to be once I got inside. As my friends and I patiently waited in front of an alleyway for the line to move, a white car pulled up, almost running us over to get through. I think everyone turned around and gave dirty looks to the occupants of the car. Well, until we realized that one of those occupants was Mr. Van Dyk himself. The irritation in our faces melted away as those blue eyes started back at us. Needless to say, we moved.

The crowd was into it!Once inside, enveloped by the music and warmth, we were in a much better mood. Atlanta's DJ Sync was still playing and was the perfect music to lead into Paul's set. DJ Sync is Atlanta's undiscovered treasure. Whether playing Progressive Mondays at Joe Muggs or opening up for the likes of Paul Van Dyk, he never fails to impress. He puts all his emotion into his music to create flawless, fluid transitions and an undescribable energy.

As I began to wander around, I noticed the Warehouse is the perfect place to explore. I think only two of the three levels were open that night but there was still enough room to dance and move around without any problems. Even when the venue was at its fullest, I could still breathe (believe me, in some clubs I think my lungs actually fail to work). The Atlanta Alliance (the masterminds behind saving our scene) had a little table set up that curious people could go and visit. The AA had coated the venue with cute little fliers that encouraged all of us to take responsibility for our actions, meet new people, and above all, have fun.

Paul Van Dyk at work. Around 1am, Paul began working his magic. A sort of undescribable feeling came over the crowd. It's as if Paul sent his creative, passionate energy surging through the masses of people. For the next few hours, we'd all be part of one enlightened consciousness (not to sound too new age-y...but there's really no other way to describe it). That's what his music does to you.

Paul carefully balanced his set between virtually unknown tracks and tracks that were familiar to all those PVD afficionados out there. There was the "Binary Finary" PVD mix, THREE (whew!) mixes of his newest creation, "Another Way," "For an Angel," and correct me if I'm wrong but I swear I heard "Words" sneaking its way up into his set but wasn't fully brought in. What a tease! He also threw in his own mix of Blank and Jones' "Cream." I glanced around and noticed that even two hours into his set, the energy was still as high as when Paul started.

Gene Carbonell As with everything, all good things must come to an end...but at least he ended it well by playing "Forbidden Fruit" off the 7 Ways album. By the end of his set, I think Paul left everyone in such a poignant state, we already felt the night couldn't get any better. But it did! Soon after the end of Paul's last song, Atlanta's visionary, Gene Carbonell, worked his own magic over the crown. Gene had to keep the crowd's excitement at its peak and he did just that. He played "Motivation" by Atlanta's talented and soon-to-be-famous Red Shift, and "Up in Flames" (with the sexiest female voice EVER) by Satoshi Tomiie. Following up Paul Van Dyk's set was not an easy task but if anyone could do it, it was Gene Carbonell. His exceptional mixing skills and ability to sense what the crowd wants has always made him a top-quality DJ. Unfortunately, one of the most beautiful tracks he played that night, Quivver's remix of "Calling Your Name," was cut short in order to close the club down. That was probably the low point of the night. You just don't cut off a song like that! But as usual, it was the club's fault, not Pleazure's.

Pleazure Productions once again gave Atlanta an altogether amazing night.

Thanks go out to Darryl Windham of Red Shift for contributing to this review.

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