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  Plurtle the Rave Turtle's Party with a Purpose 1.1.00
by Nikole Vines

Venue: The Pink Building - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: The TeknoNation

Have you ever thrown or helped throw a party? Think for a minute...think about everything that could possibly go wrong. Done yet? Well, almost everything you just thought of happened in the course of one night to the poor kidz of TeknoNation. If you didn't go, and don't know, here's what happened:

Problem #1: The party was supposed to kick-off at 10, but didn't until about 11:30. Why, you ask? Because their sound never showed up. TeknoNation was forced to spend a ton of extra money so that the Pink Building's sound could be used. But that didn't even seem to matter to the huge group of party kidz that had gathered in the parking lot. One guy got in his car, opened up all the doors, put in DJ Dara, turned it up all the way, and the kidz just danced until the party got started. It created a great vibe.

Problem #2: Remember how I told you that TeknoNation had to use the Pink Building's sound? (Just scroll up a little...see it? Good.) Well, the Pink Building's sound equipment was not of the best quality. For this reason, Adonis, the opening DJ, was completely SCREWED. Adonis had to spin without a monitor. Anyone who's ever spun before knows this is NOT, I repeat NOT, an easy task. I could sooner grow wings and fly around in circles before I could spin without a monitor. But Adonis only had about three small beat misses, and no one seemed to noticed. Or, if they did, they appeared to be having too much fun to even care!

Problem #3: More about the sound quality of the Pink Building. Anyone who's ever seen DJ Kysa knows he has a very unique style of jungle. Well, apparently his jungle and the amp being used did not mix at all. Can anyone guess what happened? Hmmmm? That's right! The amp blew — big time! That huge BOOM was the end of the party. Again, I MUST give props to the kidz there! I never heard a negative comment about what happened. Everyone totally understood and was really sympathetic. PLUR much? I think so!

Problem #4: What can you buy at all parties? No, I'm not talking about that! Glowsticks! But those aren't really necessities. And WATER!!!! TeknoNation forgot about the water! I think they only first noticed when the first few people started coming in. Ten minutes later, in came about four people with two or three bags of ice each. Water, frozen water...what's the difference, right? Well, quite a bit if you've just gotten done dancing and are REALLY thirsty — I speak from experience. And AGAIN, no one said a word! I loved these kidz!

Problem #5: I hate enclosed areas, as do many people. The upper room got to be extremely cramped because the downstairs room was still have the sound hooked up. This wasn't a big problem, it just kind of sucked!

Now for the party itself: This was the TeknoNation's first real party. You may know them from their after parties at the Velvet Heaven, where Shaun, head of TeknoNation, would go out and buy breakfast for EVERYONE there. Remember them now??? The party was called "Plurtle the Rave Turtle's Party with a Purpose," later nicknamed the "Plurtle Party" because of its lengthy name. It was held at Coconuts, or, as most call it: The Pink Building. Personally, I like this venue — don't ask me why, I just do. It's got a cool stage in the upper room and looks like it's been finished off. Then, you go downstairs and it's like a huge warehouse. Complete transition. If you've never been, I strongly suggest checking out the next party they have there. The party's price was great. Ten dollars with canned food, twelve dollars without. The best part was when two kidz drove up and said that they couldn't make the party, but they still wanted to help out. They popped the trunk and brought out a huge box of canned foods, put it inside, and were gone. I love these kidz!!

The DJs who actually got to spin were: Adonis, Fonix, Trek, DJ Raskal and Beautiful Dan, DJ Kysa and Jo'Mar Herd. I must say,I am slightly biased toward Adonis and Kysa because they're my friends, but I think they're great anyway, and towards DJ Raskal and Beautiful Dan because I've seen them quite a few times and I think they're great too! However I was completely virginal when it came to hearing Jo'Mar Herd. (If you noticed that I left Trek and Fonix out of the last two sentences, it's because I was downstairs listening to Kysa. Sorry, can't be in two places at once!)

Adonis started the party with some funky house that filled the place, and the kidz, with energy. He got everyone's ass out on the dance floor. Which I rarely see happen. I love to hear Adonis play. He's become one of my favorites DJs. If you haven't seen him yet, try to catch him as soon as you can. He's definitely a local on the way up.

DJ Raskal and Beautiful Dan never cease to amaze me. Every time I hear them I seem to dance just a little bit harder. Then of course, who doesn't with the way they spin. If you missed them at this party, you missed some great house. If you've missed them completely, where the hell have you been?

DJ Kysa can only be described by one word: PHENOMENAL. I absolutely LOVE DJ Kysa. Jungle's not my favorite, but Kysa had me dancing the entire time. Kysa's jungle is like no other jungle I've ever heard. It's completely unique, not to mention it KICKS ASS!If you haven't seen Kysa, see him as soon as you possibly can. You will not be disappointed by this jungle kid. I promise!

What can I say about Jo'Mar Herd? I think "DAMN" should cover it! He came out and took over minds, bodies, and spirits and used them to create a mixture of techno and house that is still engraved fresh in my mind. Jo'Mar Herd tore it up, a lot. He didn't give anyone a chance to relax. He just kept blowin' it up. I'm gonna catch Jo'Mar Herd every chance I get now, and you should to. If you like Frankie Bones, you will LOVE this DJ.

Although a bunch of shit happened, I think this was a great party. The kidz there restored my faith in the Atlanta scene, and I thank them for that. One of the best things about this party was that, in my opinion, the TeknoNation didn't give a damn about how much money they made, they just wanted to help people have a good time. And they did just that. They kept in mind the main things that a party should be about, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and most of all...the Music.

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