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  The Playhouse 5.5.00
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Vinyl Boy

Shannon PetrickYet another successful night at the Playhouse by Vinyl Boy Productions. Party kids were packed like sardines in Masquerade to hear Ms. Popularity herself, Sandra Collins...the muse for all aspiring female DJs. She has broken the mold for all the vinyl-obssessed girls out there, growing more and more popular in this male-dominated business.

The night started out with Atlanta's beloved Logic, playing another one of his fluid sets. As his name implies, he has almost a pragmatic way of choosing just the right records to go together. The few people that were there at the beginning of the night started dancing to the first record he put on and didn't stop until the last beat was heard. Atlanta is lucky to be able to hear Logic at least once a month at various Mirage events.

The next performer to come on was quite a treat for all us Atlanta listeners...we finally got to hear the ever elusive producer, Sextron01. It's rare that we ever get to hear the amazing producer live but he surprised everyone with all-new dark, wicked tracks. Sextron01 is amazingly creative and it's this creativity that captured the interest of DJ Andy Hughes and landed Sextron a track on his label. Aside from Red Shift, Atlanta has few live acts, but luckily each one that we have is incredible. We should be proud to produce such talent. The realization hit the audience and I saw several people staring in awe at Sextron01 but he payed no attention to them...he seemed to be entranced by the beautiful music he was creating. He was THE highlight of the night.

Sandra Collins Any other night I go to the Masquerade, I usually sit in the corner and pout, ready to leave as soon as possible. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that I heard a rumor that the club used to be a slave trade center (creepy) or maybe it's that the staff and security are usually rude and pushy. Or maybe it's the fact that the bar in the main room can't make a simple cranberry and vodka (but I give props to the bartender in Purgatory who makes a wicked drink). But there's something positive that Vinyl Boy brings to this club...maybe a good vibe or maybe it's just the really great talent he brings each weekend. Or maybe it's the great lights that up-and-coming light company, Pulse, delivers to us every Friday night. Who knows? It doesn't matter...all that matters is that he turns a club that I usually shun into one that I can't wait to go to.

Last but not least came the best known female DJ in the world (well, maybe just in the States): Sandra Collins. You have no idea how much I admire here. Like I said, she's broken the mold for female DJs...she proves that we can make it in this business. But since this is a review and I feel that I have to be honest, each time I see her, her mixing skills seem to get worse and worse. Of course, the tracks that she played were amazing ("Moments in Space" by of my favorites on the Anthony Pappa Global Underground) but I want to hear good mixing too, damn it! And I'm not the only one, several DJs that were there that night will back me up. Sometimes we would cringe when we heard her broken flow from one song to the next. I'm not going to be all down on her...when she wants to mix well, she can really pull it off. She didn't get to where she is today by mixing terribly all the time. I guess I'm just mad because I heard her mess up a mix out of a song I love (William Orbit's "Barber's Adagio for Strings") one time at the Atrium. It doesn't matter what I or others think because the majority of people there were dancing their asses off! And that's all that matters, right? That everyone loves the music and it touches them deeply. And that's what Sandra Collins seemed to do.

All and all it was a great party. I hope the Playhouse continues to bring great talent and they give us all something fun to do on Friday nights.


Tranceport 3 cover art Tranceport 3
Compiled and mixed by Sandra Collins
Record Label:
Track Listing:

  1. "Liquid Sun" (Cass & Slide Mix) - Astral Projection
  2. "F.U.B.A.R." - Think Tank
  3. "Rush" (Echo's Wave Dub) - Bradley
  4. "Desanitize" - Mara
  5. "Boomerang" (Original Mix) - Dune
  6. "Heaven" (Fell An Extremity) Chris Zippel Remix - Ultra Violet
  7. "Deeper Inside" (Original Mix) - Deep Cover
  8. "I'm Not Existing" (O.Lieb Main Mix) - LSG
  9. "Motion" - Voyager
  10. "C'est Muzique" (Armin Van Buuren Remix) - Shane
  11. "Airwave" (Original Mix) - Rank 1

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