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  Phat 1.14.00
by Chris Handy

Venue: The Hangar - Marietta, GA
Presented by: 421 Entertainment and Angel Recordings

Over the last couple of months, Atlanta has seen some great parties put on by some incredible DJ's, but there is one thing that I feel has been seriously lacking in our scene: A PHAT BREAKS PARTY!!!! 421 Entertainment and Angel Recordings apparently felt the same way, and slammed Atlanta with a great party. Yes, that means if you weren't there, you missed out.

By the time I got to the Hangar, Tony Faline was spinning and even though the party had only begun, I could not help but dance my ass off. I have never seen a party bumpin' this early in the evening. He played his own hit "Breakdown," which is a slammin' track, but it did no justice to what was to come. My favorite track of the whole evening, and probably everyone one else's by far, was when he played the breaks remix of "Sweet Dreams" (possibly an Icey white label??). I mean, he had the whole crowd right in the palm of his hand the whole time, and then he throws out a jump-up song like that. Nothing could match it the rest of the night. Tony finished his set up a little later than expected, but no need to fear, because the man of the evening was now stepping up.

Huda Hudia came on, and started his set with much love and support from the crowd. Talk about making a guy feel at home. For the almost 2 hours that he was playing, I was glued to the floor with everyone else. He pleasured the crowd with "Drop the Bass Now (electro break remix)" and "C'mon Breakdown" which really got everyone going. He played a lot of great breaks over the night, and thanks to my Crown and 7-up which was so generously donated to me by a very special lady (who's number I meant to get), it really got the party moving.

I was glad to see all the people up and non-comatose at this party. Last fall at the Aphrodite party, the entire back section of the Jungle room was filled with people all cracked out, and sitting on their asses. I was literally tripping over "floor people" every time I walked through the back! You pay money to hear DJ's play music that you can dance to with all your friends. Take advantage of it. When you are old, you can sit all you want.

Everyone at this party was not only keeping the vibe up, but were doing it with some class. You know at a party you will bump into people, get squished, or something like that. It happens. But the great thing about this night was the straight out politeness of people. There is something very memorable about some jerk running across the room who knocks you over, and doesn't even look back to see where you land. There is something even more memorable about a polite gesture, or just a respect for other people which has been SERIOUSLY lacking lately.

Mike and Charlie finally stepped up to the plate, and don't kill me if I am wrong, but I believe Mike was the guy on the microphone while Charlie was spinning up top. I am guessing it was about 2:30 when they went on, and these guys were cool as hell. As Charlie was playing the records, Mike was screaming at the crowd getting them pumped up, and ready for the breakdancing competition. Over the night, we got to hear some of their own tracks like "Body Rock," and "I Get Live." By about 3, the circle had been formed, and some real tight breaking was going down. I would have to say that there was this incredibly strange '80s theme going on though, because I swear I heard a remix of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing," along with another couple of familiars. Glad to know the '80s aren't dead for everybody. :)

I guess everyone has that moment at a party when they step back, and see what everyone else in the party is doing. As I am watching the dancing go on from the stage, sitting on the speakers right next to me were Huda Hudia and Tony Faline. Now these guys could have been long gone from this party as soon as their slot was done, but they were having so much fun that they didn't want to leave, which was apparent by the number of times they were screaming for the kids on the floor. That says something right there. Another thing that really spoke to me was the number of times the security actually came in and mopped off the floor for the kids dancing, and how at one point they were totally partying as much as everyone else there (Yes, Mr. Tough-Guy Security Guard in the circle, you were caught having fun).

Mike and Charlie really were a trip the whole night they were up there, not to mention some high-quality DJ's. The whole night was just one great act after another. These guys pumped the crowd so hard, that as soon as they got off stage, I think almost half of the party left. It was about 4 at this point, and Scott Hardkiss was just coming on.

I guess somebody backstage felt the party was slowing down, because all of a sudden the music got much louder. At this point, Scott was throwing down, and most of the people that were left were really enjoying it. His sets are always really interesting, and unique. It really was a shame so many people left because they missed a quality performance.

Needless to say, the night was a complete success, and no one could dare say different. Much thanks again to 421 Entertainment and Angel Recordings for knowing how to keep the party live.

Special thanks goes out to Carl, A.K.A. Big Daddy for his musical expertise.

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