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  Mirage Massive Pre-Party 6.4.00
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: Club Riviera - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Mirage

Shannon PetrickI have to say I was really excited when I heard Mirage was bringing Anthony Pappa for their Massive pre-party. I remember hearing Anthony a year before at the Tabernacle (brought to you by Mirage, as well). I was so elated from that performance, nothing could stop me from buying his Nu Breed Global Underground the day it came out. Oh God, that CD is pure perfection! Atlanta is really lucky...our production companies bring unheard of talent before they make it really big. We should be thankful for that.

The night started out at the immaculate club, The Riviera. As I walked in the doors, I heard the distinctive sounds of Mirage's own DJ, Logic. This production company is fortunate to have such a talented DJ playing for them. It seems that every Mirage party I review, I gush over this dexterous DJ. It's hard to find new things to say about Logic: he's got great skill, he has a new, interesting set every time he performs, and he's most definitely a crowd-pleaser. The only thing that I can find negative is he's usually the opening DJ and there's not that many people there to see him.

Almost half-way through Logic's set, I finally saw "the man" walk in. I was introduced to him by Maxwell and Anthony seemed really happy that I was going to interview him. We [Anthony and I] were led to the back room and the interview got underway. It was really hard to ask the questions because I kept staring at him; he didn't look anything like the cover of his Global Underground. On the cover, he looks tall and distinguished but in real life, he's actually kind of short and...bald. Oh well. Who cares, right? The man's got mad skill! Luckily, Anthony's in that small percentage of DJs (local and international) whose head hasn't gotten too big from the fame that he's been receiving. He was down-to-earth and sweet, eager to answer all my questions. Very nice. Finally, we were rushed out of the interview as his time to play came.

I hurried out after him...I was so happy to hear him play again. It's strange, when you hear an awesome DJ play for the first time (like when Anthony played at the Tabernacle a year before), you start having this terrible craving to hear them again. When his Global Underground came out, it satisfied the craving a little, but then I couldn't wait to hear him live again. Finally, my night had come.

Anthony went up to the decks and I became more and more excited. Not just for myself, but for my friends who were with me (including Sean McClellan, the DJ who played after Anthony) who had never heard Anthony before. Anthony started his set at last. He began with "Condition" by Narcotik. Okay, I thought, it's cool that he's beginning with the first track on his new CD. Then the song melted into "Syncronised." A friend and I looked at each he gonna play his entire Global Underground, one track after another? We fully expected the next song to be "Sorry mate, you've got the wrong house" by Two Right Wrongans...but it wasn't. Anthony threw everyone for a loop! Not that I would have been totally upset if he played the exact tracks on his CD (his skills would have made up for it). But, you know, change is good...especially in this industry.

I'd love to give everyone a track-by-track listing of all the amazing songs he played that night but I didn't recognize one of them! Which is good! That impressed me even more. And Anthony's mixing was near perfect. Almost flawless. Sure, there were little mistakes here and there but nothing I don't hear in Sasha's or Digweed's set. I have to say that after this night, Anthony proved himself. He proved that he could run with the A-list DJs. I guess that's what that Nu Breed Global Underground series is all about: the new, rising DJs that are as good (if not better) than the best. And the thing that made me happiest throughout the entire night was that there were a lot of people there! I don't know if people remember the amazing set he played for Mirage a year before or if everyone heard his new CD. Probably a combination of both. Either way, Anthony's made a name for himself in Atlanta. Thank you, Mirage.

The thing that upsets me the most about that night was half the people left after Anthony's set! What's wrong with you people?! Okay, I realize that it was a weekday night and everyone had work the next morning...but if you're going to go out to a club, go out to a club! Don't stay a couple of hours and then *yawn* go home! Does anyone realize how lucky we are to have discovered this music? I count my lucky stars everyday that I'm a part of this scene and I have such a love and appreciation for the music...I could be laying around at home listening to the Backstreet Boys, thinking that it's the best music out there. Instead, I'm at a club listening to music that can lift your spirit and take you to another plane of that can drive me to tears. Thank your lucky stars, kids!

Why am I going off on this rant in the middle of a review? Because the people that left after Anthony's set missed one of the best DJs in the United States: Sean McClellan. Oh sure, I bet you guys looked at the flier and thought, "Oh God, he's from Charlotte...he's proabably a redneck that can't mix." How wrong can you be. I'm not saying this because I know him personally. I was skeptical the first time Sean's best friend, Chad, told me that Sean's the best DJ he's every heard. I've listened to him numerous times and he can blow most DJs out of the water. His set was flawlessly mixed, as usual, with tracks like Medway, "Air Cobra" and Blu Peter's "Funky Suite." At least the next day on the Lunar Magazine forum, many people commented on how good Sean is. I'm telling you, next time this guy comes to town, go see him. You won't be disappointed. Or, (shameless plug), go see him the second Friday of every month when he plays at Mythos, along with the other guys in Progressive Collective, Chad McNeely and Chuck Martin, and and the international dance DJs they bring.

All I can say to end this review is...thank you, Mirage. You always bring the best line-ups.


Nu Breed cover art Global Underground: Nu Breed
Compiled and mixed by Anthony Pappa
Record Label:
Studio K7/Boxed/Nu Breed
Track Listing:

  1. "Conditions" - Narcotik
  2. "Syncronised Knowledge" - Moonface
  3. "Sorry Mate, You've Got The Wrong House" - Two Right Wrongans
  4. "Better Make Room" - Timo Mas Pres Mad Dogs (James Holden remix)
  5. "Are U Tranqualized" - Pascal FEOS (Timo Maas mix)
  6. "Here And Now" - Sloth & Dormant (EBE remix)
  7. "Barrier" - Sphere
  8. "Roaches" - Trancesetters (Peace Division remix)
  9. "Airacobra" - Medway
  10. "Moments Of Space" - Odessi
  11. "Welcome To The Future" - Nova (Humate mix)
  12. "Boomerang" - Dune (Quivvers Boom Q mix)

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