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  Outerlimits 7.28.01
Story and photos by Lei Vishnu

Venue: The Atrium - Atlanta, GA

Lei VishnuGood Music. Good Vibes and a boat load of lasers. Outerlimits offered us an expansive line-up for the Saturday July 28th event at the Atrium. The main room included Fuzz, J-Luv, Dave Trance, John Debo, Micro, Space Girl, DJ Xdream and James Christian keeping the floor packed for most of the night. Although I would have liked slightly longer time slots, like in the jungle room, the vast variety of DJ's lent to an upbeat night in the main room. It seemed as though all the artists pumped in the maximum level of energy into their time slots to make sure that the crowd got the most from their sets. Despite the difference in styles between some DJ's, the main room maintained a musical consistency throughout the night aided by the crowd intensity and interaction. It felt like the all the DJ's were really in tune with the crowd making for a great vibe throughout.

Spacegirl I was really impressed with J-Luv's set, who always gets the crowd going and just makes me move. Micro was also a highlight for the main room with his expansive track selection that kept me running back to hear what he would play next. Space Girl was the ultimate highlight for the main room, simply because it was so intriguing to watch her live P.A. The music was not necessarily moving, but I could not keep my eyes off her fingers pounding on the keyboard and synth (and whatever else she was using). There was so much intensity and concentration in her eyes — It was wonderful to witness the creation of music.

The second room, the jungle/2step room, showcased Edo, Bobble, DB, Dara, Lion and Maze. This line-up was a perfect combination of locals and "headliners." It was also a perfect mix of jungle and two step. Needless-to-say, I was very happy with the line-up for this room. Edo and Bobble started the night off nicely with two step sets. Edo's set was a little lighter and vocal-y, which proved to be a good thing for the night. His lighter set brought a bunch of new faces that probably wouldn't have normally stayed in the "drum and bass room." It is always such a pleasure to see people being turned on to new music and this line-up helped. Bobble played a little harder of a garage set that kept Edo's new followers happy and also eased the dnb heads into the darker stuff to come. The more I hear two step the more I fall in love with it and Bobble has been one of the main reasons for my new love. His sets are so rich and moving, I honestly cannot be in the room during his set and not dance.

Dara DB and Dara were the next two up on the decks. Together they make up half of Breakbeat Science, the first record shop in the U.S. dedicated to Drum and Bass Music. Their involvement with this project and long list of other accomplishments always makes me look forward to the opportunity to hear them live. They both brought their record bags filled with new white labels that got the crowd rolling. DB stepped the intensity up a notch and then Dara just laid down one insane track after the next. By the middle of DB's set, the floor in the room was so slippery from every dancing up a sweat that some people had to alter their dancing style. Even as the floor got slicker during Dara's set, it did not deter the entire room from being moved. Everywhere I turned I saw people grinning ear to ear as the basslines pounded out of the speakers.

Lion and Maze finished up the night with the same pressure that Dara finished with. I was so impressed with the intensity that both of these guys played with throughout their sets. The only other time I have seen Lion and all the times I have seen Maze, they both play with all their heart regardless if the room is packed or thinning. The dark tracks kept playing until the sun was about to rise, without ever letting up. These are two guys that can keep people dancing until the lights turn on and the security starts kicking people out.

On all other notes, Outerlimits pulled this night off without any major problems. They did a good job of keeping to the posted time slots, which makes planning your night's "musical adventure" easier. The lights were amazing! That is definitely what I call a Laser Show. The sound was crisp and loud. The vibe was good — with high caliber music for almost every taste and dancing room for everyone, how could it not be? There was some weird and almost repulsing videos playing on the video screen in the chill room, but since I could not stop dancing long enough to sit in the chill room this was not a problem for me. The only other thing to note is that with all this dancing I am going to need a new pair of shoes soon! Thank you Outerlimits for a wonderful night.

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