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  Outerlimits 7.22.00
by Shane Bailey

Venue: SciTrek - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Outerlimits

After attending last year's Caffeine Party and experiencing its success first hand, the return of this live event at the virgin venue, SciTrek, made for an easy decision. We arrived to plenty of free parking a little after 11 PM. The atmosphere was a little different right off the bat, with tailgating of sorts occurring. Upon getting in line, anxiety was prevalent with some worrying of this event selling out based on the long line and not knowing the exact capacity of this previously unused location. It was evident in line the diversity of the crowd for this event, with every age, fashion type, music taste, and dance style being represented. Once inside this was even more apparent. The phenomenon can definitely be attributed to how mainstream the scene has and is still becoming, on an almost daily basis.

Unfortunately some of the first-timers weren't on their best behavior and had no idea the consequences of their irresponsible actions. For the most part, it appeared to me that the venue was holding up well and that everyone was resisting the urge to completely wreck the place. I noticed only one incident of someone tagging the venue and it appeared the damage was minor. The elevator was out of service the second half of the night but that caused only minor inconveniences and the reason for its malfunction was unclear. But when the night came to an end and the lights came on, the damage was assessed. As a result of two exhibits being vandalized and the carpet getting wrecked from a combination of both gum and smoking in the non-smoking areas, SciTrek held its first and last party on this night, canceling their agreement with Outerlimits for their originally scheduled September 2nd party. SciTrek had plenty to keep even the most distracted of people occupied, but that apparently wasn't enough. Add SciTrek to a long list including the Tabernacle, Nike Pavilion, and Georgia Freight Depot, to name a few. It really is too bad, that the best venues Atlanta has experienced are no longer options.

The two headliners, Frankie Bones and Micro, were limited to short sets, consisting of 1 hour 15 minutes each, appearing in that order. Micro's set was very consistent in the choice of songs and Tekara's "Breath In You" featuring Lucy Cotter, Sonique's "It Feels so Good," and Matt Darey's "Liberation" gained the greatest reaction from the crowd, most likely due to a couple being off his most recent albums, Micro-Tech-Mix Version 2.0 and Micro-Tech-Mix 2000. The party ended sooner than most, closing down at 6 AM, to perhaps allow time for cleanup in preparation for Sunday's normal museum hours.


Micro-Tech-Mix cover art Micro-Tech-Mix
Compiled and mixed by DJ Micro
Record Label:
Track Listing:

  1. "Flowtation" - Vincent De Moor (Digital Blondes remix)
  2. "Return Trip" - Mr. Rossi/UFO
  3. "Majick" - Keoki (D'still'd remix)
  4. "Heaven's Gate" - Deepsky
  5. "Prologue" - Tenth Chapter (Carl Cox & Paul Van Dyk remix)
  6. "Epidemic" - Exit EEE (JDS remix)
  7. "Thumpa" - Dea Silver EP
  8. "Leader Of The North" - Alan D. Parker
  9. "Jack Tweaker" - X-Dream & Vicious Vic
  10. "Acperience" - Hardfloor (Dex & Jonesey's Funk 2 Dub remix)
  11. "Speed Freak" - Someone (Slacker's Rolling mix)
  12. "Gotta Have Hope" - Blackout
  13. "I Wll Be Free" - Boston Bruins (original)

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