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  Outerlimits 5.20.00
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Glenwood Convention Center - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Outerlimits

On May 20, 2000, Outerlimits touched down and hit Atlanta with another production, this time featuring Bad Boy Bill, Blueline, Charles Feelgood and Donald Glaude at the Glenwood Convention Center.

The opinions were quite diverse in regard to this party. However, it can't be denied that at least the majority of the DJs who played were well above par.

We arrived at the venue at close to midnight. After making our way through the narrow corridor and greeting the lovely Scrillahz, we made our way to the jungle room where Atlanta's ninjaKid was tearing the crowd up with some sick-ass Dn'B tracks that kept grabbing me, twisting me, and not letting up. I broke out sweating after only a few minutes in the jungle room, and I hadn't gone anywhere near the main room. Needless to say, I think this is one of the best sets that I've ever seen Adam spin.

In the main room, Hyst was throwing down a mix of nu skool breaks and 2 step garage which was definitely getting the crowd worked up for the headliners. Once he threw on "The Red Pill" with its sample from The Matrix, the crowd was officially apeshit. During this time, Lunar forum's notorious PoPin XxX received an unforgettable birthday gift: A brand new girlfriend in all of her polyvinyl glory! Needless to say, this became quite the attention grabber. The blow-up doll was the prop of the night, as yours truly, Harold (Furoshiki), PoPin, Anime, D, many of the Scrillahz and Aneurysm (amongst hundreds of others) all got turns having fun with the doll on the dancefloor and guaranteeing a hardcore grilling should any of us ever decide to run for public office in a few years. Although he fought through a few bouts of bad needles and the accompanying record skips, Hyst managed to warm up the crowd nicely (although it didn't take much warming temperature-wise to do so).

At 1:00, Baltimore house legend Charles Feelgood started up. I imagine that few people were ready for him, since it was rather apparent that the majority showed for Bad Boy Bill. However, Feelgood did exactly what his name says: He made the crowd feel damn happy to be out there dancing, even if the venue had reached the point of sweltering hellhole due to the high numbers of people and God-knows-what with the air conditioning. One thing was for sure: I was absolutely nuts when Feelgood threw on the house remix of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You." I was completely feeling every last bit of the track as I carried a few pounds of plastic and air on my shoulders to the amusement and shock of many. He went through several anthems that had the house-heads in the crowd lit up like a Christmas tree, such as "U Can't Hide from Your Bud" and "Disco Babes From Outer Space." Finally, Charles stepped down from the tables. It was time for Bad Boy Bill.

The Chicago house legend got the crowd screaming by merely stepping within visible range. The air was as thick as the crowd was packed. The shouts, yells, and screams filled the main room well before he dropped any beats. Finally, Bill started up, and the crowd got to moving. However, after roughly 15-20 minutes, the sweltering heat overcame many. The floor was completely slick from all of the sweat and water. While the crowd was still thick, many had to go outside and cool down. The restroom lines reached beyond the entranceway. I grew tired of standing in what was basically Inferno, so I headed toward the jungle room again.

In the jungle arena, NYC's Blueline had the sparsely populated room rocking. Contrary to what would normally be expected from the jungle room, it was surprisingly cool in there compared to the volcano-like intensity of the main room. I slipped and slid along the floor to the beat. Due to the lack of people in the room, there wasn't a very big circle going.

Most of the people were outside, and I eventually headed out there, too. The cool late spring air soothed all of us, although the door leading out to the outdoors area accidentally shut, causing 30 seconds of chaos, and bruised forearms for all who pounded on the door.

As Bad Boy Bill wrapped up a set that many found to be lukewarm, Seattle's Donald Glaude came on. Dressed in black with a bleached-blond afro, Glaude definitely stood out. As the sound of a diesel horn started up, the small crowd on the dancefloor went nuts. Much of the crowd had dispersed due to the unbearable heat, or because they came for Bill. Nonetheless, Glaude held the remaining partyers right in place on the dance floor. As an acquaintance told me, "Donald Glaude kicked my ass!"

Unfortunately, after an hour of foot to the floor, ass shakin' house, we had to head home. Some inconsiderate jackass had stolen PoPin's birthday present, Harold had a job meeting at 7am, and I was largely disabled from dancing so much in such a hot venue.

All in all, I got what I expected musically. Feelgood was excellent, and Glaude was awesome. Having seen Bad Boy Bill, I wasn't expecting a lot from him. My anticipations were not in vain. He was not on par, and most people in the venue would agree. ninjaKid played a set that completely rocked my world. Blueline had me moving on the dancefloor without even lifting my feet. The intolerable heat killed a great deal of the vibe in the crowd. However, I get the feeling that Glenwood Convention Center won't be a venue much longer, since Colby from Outerlimits has already pulled the plug on anymore parties there. It's a crying shame, because I liked the venue, but I hated the lack of air conditioning.

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