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  Outerlimits 4.29.00
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Glenwood Convention Center - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Outerlimits

Saturday, April 29th, 2000. The place: Glenwood Convention Center. The event: Another fat production courtesy of your friends at Outerlimits. Suffice it to say that there were problems that accompanied the party, but the headliners in the main room were more than able to cover up any problems.

By the time Harold and I arrived, Lion of NYC was deeply into his jungle set. The main room was popping, while the second room was invisible. The thick fog made it tough to see who was in the room. We returned to the main room and listened to Lion, caught up with those wacky Scrillahs, Pooka and Aneurysm, and then proceeded to gravitate toward the front of the stage.

Sure enough, fifteen minutes after we hit the front, Chicago's DJ Funk stepped up. Having driven 85 mph down 285 blasting his CD "Booty House Anthems," we were more than ready to hear some low-down ghetto house. We were worried that we would be late, but it turns out that Funk had to come on late. I just wondered if everyone else was ready. They were. No more than half a track into his set, I looked around and saw everyone moving. Be they on another girl, another guy, or by themselves, people were dancing and asses were moving. There was no room for anyone to stand around looking prudish during this set! Right around the time Funk threw on the oh-so-anthemic "Ass and Titties," I had developed a large, painful cramp in my ribs. They were gone once I heard that familiar call and response ("soap...and water...soap...and water") and I was up and bouncing again. Funk played most of the songs that were on his CD (which, in this case, is a good thing, considering how much fun his CD is to listen to, and the stages at which Ghetto House currently resides in the rave scene — it isn't as huge as it can be — yet...). After an hour of playing (which I thought was too little before I came to the venue, but was more than enough as I felt my sore limbs), DJ Funk gave ATL a shoutout and dipped.

It was time for something unusual. Something unique that I hadn't heard before, and something I certainly hadn't seen before. New York's Vicious Vic broke out his record crate, and my ears and eyes were up for a new experience. As Vic got the crowd moving with some techno, I saw a beautiful woman get on stage. Scantily clad, and certainly neither candy kid or so-called "pro ho," (as some of our beloved Forum members refer to the lady prowlers of Buckhead) she proceeded to come up behind Vic and began to move, to gyrate behind him. I kept thinking, "man, I hope she doesn't bump into him and make him trainwreck; I already saw John Digweed get his tables bumped, and he looked like he was gonna do something that the British Embassy couldn't bail him out of!" However, I came to discover that she was in fact, Vic's wife and part of the Mime Xperience, which is an element of Vic's performances. After some tiredness from dancing so much in such little time, I visited the second room in which one of ATL's favorite junglists, DJ Wednesday, was throwing down some hard, vicious Jump-Up for all the jungle heads. Meanwhile, back in the main room, Vic had everyone jumping up and down, while the Mime Xperience was in full effect, flexing and moving onstage, as her unusual display of gymnastics kept the crowd enthralled just as much as his dreamy techno. Vic lifted up the crowd and had them screaming by the time he made his send-off.

Although Halo failed to show (and damn it, I was really looking forward to some more dope Chi-town House), all in all, it was a good evening. Being that this party was my first Outerlimits event, I must say that I will certainly be supporting them for parties to come. Mad props go out to them for throwing such an entertaining party for the ATL massive!

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