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  Outerlimits 2.19.00
by Chanté LaGon

Venue: Georgia Freight Depot - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Outerlimits

Phat venue, weird vibe.

Chante LaGonMaybe it was the florescent light greeting ticket holders once inside. Maybe it was the Ga. 400 of a walkway between rooms. Maybe it was the shuffled lineup that put Scott Henry on before the bulk of partiers had arrived. Or even the damage that left the venue in shambles and future Outerlimits parties at the Georgia Freight Depot canceled. Whatever it was, this party just wasn't all I thought it would be.

It started with the "tickets," which looked more like oversized plastic arcade tokens. I just knew mine would slip out of my pocket. Almost, but not quite. After fishing around for it in the cold weather, I looked over to the non-ticket holders line and was happy I'd made the trip to WISH.

Then those bright lights hit. They shut off for a couple minutes, only to flash on again. Strobe light honeys, reveal yourself! I wasn't the only one dreading the raccoon look. "They better cut those things off come 3 a.m.. Everybody's gonna be all sweaty," I heard a young lady say.

The main room was a long, dark rectangle, with a well-lit corridor to the left. Huge speakers placed along both sides of the room effectively filled the gaps of sound. And near the entrance, a white gazebo with war-green nets circling the bottom housed the tech guys.

Plenty of chairs awaited those with hurtin' feet in the corridor, while the passing MARTA trains amused others. I chose to chat in there for a good while, trying to get myself amped about the night.

Outerlimits didn't lie about the venue's high ceilings. When I ventured back into the main room, a strong, juicy purple light made me feel as if I could pluck grapes from them. DB sounded much better than he did last year at a woefully low-attended Tabernacle party, but the kids up front were doing about as much talking as they were dancing.

My next thought was, "Let's try the jungle room." After working through the thickness of a crowd stuck in the hallway — a crowd that I yelled at to "Calm down and keep moving!" for fear of a stampede (security must've been worried, too; they forced everyone back toward the main room at one point because of overcrowding) — my next thought was "This better be worth it."

Knctrnl and Rydim Ryderz didn't let me down. Knctrnl's mix of a DnB dub he got from AK1200 with Lauryn Hill's "Everything is Everything" single absolutely cranked. Bored with the dance circle drama, me and Synthesis decided to go for ours compliments of Haze and his MC. They made moving easy.

I checked out at about 4:30 a.m. Although the party was still going, my hopes for having a kick-ass night had pretty much faded.

Rather than leaving peacefully, however, there were some who decided to wreak havoc on the venue. According to Outerlimits, "excessive damage and disrespect" by partygoers left gum stuck to walls, plants uprooted from their pots, water fountains used as trash cans and windows used as ashtrays. "This is just the tip of the kind of damage that occurred that night," Outerlimits said. "Trash is something that we understand will be a problem at every party, but this was just childlike disrespect."

The production company's contract for parties later in the year at the Georgia Freight Depot has been canceled.

Good job, folks. Just like we try to encourage people to enjoy themselves at parties, it's about time we make sure fellow ravers respect venues. There's nothing wrong with paying someone a compliment. There's also nothing abnormal about telling someone to use the (proper) trash can or act like they have home training.

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