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  Outerlimits 2.10.01
by Chanté LaGon

Venue: Dekalb Convention Center - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Outerlimits

Chante LaGonOuterlimits does it again. A virgin venue was officially turned out by a large crowd full of newcomers and seasoned partiers. After three years in Atlanta and seeing party "kids" grow up and onto the periphery of the scene, it felt really good to see some familiar faces. And as a bonus, I actually met some new people.

The venue was more proper than etiquitte class. Entry lines short and sweet. While the front lobby wasn't exactly a "chill out area" like the flier said, there was a couch and plenty of space for people to take a breather from the dark main room.

Speaking of the flier, when I saw "18 to enter, 21+ to drink," I just knew I'd have something other than water to quench my thirst. Wrong! Of course, not having alcohol might have been a good thing since water cost $3. "Imagine how much the vodka and tonic would be," noted Lunar's own Shuttergirl. Exactly.

Considering I live nearby and rarely see two DeKalb police cars on any given day, the number of cruisers at the venue gave me that dreaded "It's going to get shut down" feeling. Especially when I saw three officers trying to break into the party from a side entrance.

In short, security was deep. On top of Big Man security, DeKalb po-po roamed through the dancing crowd for the first few hours. One even played like "Deep Cover" in plain clothes, escorting heads out with a firm grip.

But notice I said the cops were walking through a dancing crowd. As I headed toward the huge stacks on the other side of the room, all I could say was, "Damn! The speakers!" My ears were ringing for two days after this party. One good thing about having a single-room venue is that you're exposed to different types of music. Of course, that can be a very bad thing if the DJ is playing music you detest AND trainwrecks like a MARTA suicide.

That latter part would be a reference to DJ DB. Although his opening track was a perfect combination of breezy and banging — something about "Sunshine" — I had to move away from my territory up front after he started messing up his mixes. At one point, it got so bad the crowd starting heckling him. In an effort to get the vibe back, he actually stopped the music and put on an entirely new track. Lucky for him that "Soothe Me" is one of the better drum and bass ditties. Just when I could almost forgive him for such a sloppy set, DB laid down a remix of "Genie In a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera. Um, no. But before all that, I first walked in to DJ Feelgood's funky remix of "Mrs. Jackson" by Outkast. Heads were feeling it, and Feelgood definitely lived up to his name. The crowd responded with that infectious "Oooh! I am fo-reeal" and never seemed to stop jamming.

By the time DJ Funk came on, my calfs were killing me. But we all know it's not just the legs you're working when Funk is rising from the tables. It's all about the booty-shake! From classics like "Shake What Yo Momma Gave Ya" and "Erk and Jerk" to Ginuwine's "Pony" and a whole bunch of other songs that say "bitch," "ass" and "shake," you would have thought we were were live at Magic City. I had a blast just goofing off, but there were plenty of partiers who were dead serious about the booty-shake. Sweat was pouring off many a brow.

I left a little before Andy Hughes' set, with quite a few others headed for the door as well. I'd definitely completed my workout for the day, in a new space that I look forward to enjoying again. Hopefully, some of the same old faces will be there — a little older, but kicking it hard just the same.

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