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  Northern Lights 3.4.00
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Celebration Hall aka The Church - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Liquid Groove

On Saturday night, March 4, 2000, Atlanta's burgeoning mass of partiers converged on two parties. One was Hope Tribe Collective's Goddess, which prominently displayed the tight skills of some talented ladies on the 1's and 2's. The other party was Liquid Groove's Northern Lights 4 at Celebration Hall. It has been quite some time since LG threw a Northern Lights event (early December 1998, to be exact). Needless to say, NL4 beat NL3 with a spiked bat!

The evening kicked off with local DJ's dropping sets in both rooms. I didn't arrive at the venue until 12:35. I walked into the sounds of throbbing, pulsing house as Sync got Atlanta's party kids up and moving. Downstairs, ninjaKid rocked a set of ragga-style jungle, which my friends were definitely feeling. At 1:00, Gabriel came on downstairs and kept the tempo going with more jungle tracks for the kids in the basement. Upstairs, the atmosphere was thick enough to slice. Orlando's own DJ Icey stepped up to the plate and dropped a set of funky breaks that had the collective asses of the main room shaking in unison. Many complain about how Icey always plays the same tracks, or how he can spin worth anything. Regardless of opinion, the evidence stands clear: The crowd was HYPED! Amidst a packed dance floor, me and my comrades were struggling for room to get down as the amazing break circle talent ate up the floor space. Ironically enough, one of the kids ripping up the circle used to be in my homeroom (big ups to Leo Laser)! Icey's set had me moving virtually nonstop for two hours.

Then, at 3AM, Dave Ralph stepped up to the plate. Personally speaking, I'm not a huge trance head, but anybody who can make a sequel album to a widely popular Paul Oakenfold mix has to be pretty good, right? WRONG!!! He was pretty amazing. Dave belted out the smoothest set of trance I've heard in quite some time. The crowd was rocking, the vibes were nice, and the post-Goddess crowd thickened the atmosphere on the floor. Everyone was moving and feeling the vibes in unison. Glowsticks twirled and hips gyrated. Smiles abounded. Dave Ralph took Atlanta on a journey. When I needed a break from such an epic scale journey, Chris Lucid brought me back to Earth with his ass-shakin', groovin' house set. I felt like I was going to pass out on the floor when he threw on some familiar tracks that lifted me back up out of the corner. Dave's set ended monumentally. The sprits of the crowd were very high. When he was finished, I told my friend Harold, "I feel like somebody has tested my reflexes with a crowbar!"

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, and thanks must go out to Liquid Groove for throwing down such a great event to kick off the first Saturday night of March!

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