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  Nomenclature Third Anniversary 7.27.00
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Nomenclature Museum - Atlanta, GA

Clubbers at NomenclatureOn July 27th, Nomenclature Museum kicked off their three-year anniversary in style to a packed house. Having never visited Nomenclature before, I was in for a surprise. I wasn't sure what the crowd would be like when I got there. Needless to say, no matter what my expectations could have been, they were blown away within five minutes of entry. At first, I was taken aback. Not to diss the club, but it is literally what MTV would imagine a rave to be. Filled with "beautiful people," Nomenclature is actually a lot of fun. It seems as though someone could shoot a great music video in there with that vibe. It's as though adventurous Buckhead frat boys and their girlfriends collided with eclectic Midtown types to a House soundtrack.

I strolled in, and I realized that my size would prove to be a disadvantage in navigating the club. Being 6'3" and 200+ pounds doesn't help when you're trying to get through human traffic with drinks in both hands. The place was packed solid. When I got there, Ulises was stepping up to spin. Funky, Latin house was in order during his set. I grooved as hard as I could to the sounds of salsa and the funky 4/4 beat. Many people weren't dancing, but as the alcohol flowed, people began to molt their inhibitions and move (albeit some of them arhythmically). No matter where you were at this party, you were going to hear good music. In the downstairs basement, the sounds of deep house were pumping. The space was roughly the size of my living room and kitchen (if that), but the vibe was so right. Alex King was throwing down garage and deep house in the basement. When he threw on Benji Candelario's "Learn to Give," I did everything not to completely let loose and go nuts in that confined space. I think the vibe in the room wasn't very danceable, but that immediately grabbed me.

DJ at Nomenclature Upstairs, Ulises still had the Latin House pumping, and as more people bought more drinks, the volume on the dancefloor increased (though not always on beat). The place was a bit crowded, but it wasn't that bad. After a few minutes of chilling and socializing, I headed in to listen to J-Luv throw down a mix of nu-skool breaks, which slowly melted into tasty UK Garage grooves. Needless to say, I sweated out quite a bit of my Red Bull and vodka on the dancefloor. After wearing myself down in the main room, I headed back down to the basement. By this point, the vibe had peaked and there was little room for movement. That was okay, though, because spirits were very high, and a groove permeated the air. Everyone was getting down, from a drunk Buckhead-ish girl to frat boys grinding on their girlfriends to "dreads" to ecletic-looking Midtown types. It didn't matter how you danced, or if you could dance, but that you were dancing. It felt incredible. The overall feeling was incredible, but that other nagging feeling of aching joints began to remind me of bed. Although my feelings were initially mixed at first, I certainly plan to come back to Nomenclature soon. Their anniversary party was fantastic!

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