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  Ministry of Sound 11.21.2003
Venue: Level3

Kicking off a new monthly series, together with Madd Hatter Radio and Level3 Nightclub, Ministry of Sound comes to town at last! This first showing featured the DJ/producer pair of John Creamer and Stephane K, with Atlanta's own dark driver Gene Carbonel opening up the night.

When Level3 first opened, the booth was a crow's nest off of the wrap-around staircase between the ground floor and the lounge on the second floor. Since then, the club has built a separate booth, elevated right off of the dance area itself—enabling the DJs to be very close to the crowd itself. Some additional Ministry-logoed decorations were put up on this night, and the display screens around the club were also sync'd up with Ministry emblazoned videos clips.

One reason Gene has his following in the city is because of great track selection and near-impeccable mixing. Visibly, the early arrivers were all drawn to the dance floor by those dark, chugging beats. Creamer and K came on soon enough. John Creamer went first and then swapped off to Stephane K later. After going back and forth a bit, they switched off of turntables completely. More than just mixing with vinyls and CDs, the production duo also brought along equipment to setup and run Ableton Live for some on-the-fly cueing, sampling, edits and loops. It became tough to tell what part was live and what was sequence. A little disappointing for the purists, but is kind of interesting from a gear/gadget perspective.

Regardless, the good music didn't stop until the end of the night. Some pictorial highlights from the night...

Gene Carbonell








Darryl(Redshift) & Martynas




David & John Creamer




Mike hug


Level3 oxygen bar


DJ Jonathan Allyn

Lori & Jen



more photos—2 3 4


John Creamer & Stephane K - Bedrock
Bedrock from Disc 1:

  1. The Voice (Main Mix) - Peace Division
  2. Sholan Can You Feel (Sono Remix) - Sholan
  3. Sos EP - Fafa Monteco
  4. Jungle Of Mirror (The Scumfrog Mix) - Milo
  5. Deep Into The Night (Main Mix) - Rivera & Trainer
  6. Do You See Me (Original Mix) - Peace Division
  7. Grace (Main Mix) - Dan K
  8. Distinct Project (Extra More Mix) - Vizo
  9. From The Underground - MV
  10. Pleasure - Duncan Ross & Gaetan
Disc 2:
  1. Real World Pt. 2 - 4 Toasters
  2. Seven (Hard Dub) - Against The Grain
  3. Ocean of Blue - G. Pal
  4. With Or Without You (Vocal Mix) - Powerplant Feat. Machineries Of Heaven
  5. Supernatural (Mousse T Dub) - Kim English
  6. Marscarter (Vocal Mix) - BLH3 Feat. 80
  7. Secrets - DJ Nukem Feat. Jaimie Wong-Li
  8. Mas Suave (Main) - Dogma
  9. Kanesha - Fitalic
  10. Simplicity - Patterns
  11. Hambone Wow - Danny Tenaglia

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