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  Mirage 12.16.00
by Toshia Sheets
photos by Sabrina Sexton Weil

Venue: The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Mirage

Toshia SheetsThe flier said the doors opened at 10:00pm, so I thought the line would be moving by 10:15. Unfortunately, the doors didn't budge until about an hour later. (If the flier says 10:00, open at 10:00, or put a later time on the fliers.) It was very cold and windy outside, but at least there was no rain!

I ran upstairs as soon as I got in, and found our very own Cor-e on the decks. This night brought back memories of my very first party (just two years ago). Cor-e was the first DJ I ever heard spin! There were just a few people in Heaven early in the night...and most were dancing. Breakers circles were already starting to form.

Keri I wandered around downstairs for a bit to see who was in Hell and Purgatory. Keri was getting the crowd pumped in Hell, but the sound was suffering (someone said the amps were blown the night before). So I ventured on over to Purgatory to check out the was empty!! There was no one in Purgatory...just a bartender. No kids, no DJ's...nothing! What a disappointment!

I went back into Hell to catch a little bit of Keri's set (I've never heard her spin live before), but I could hear the bass from Cor-e's set through the ceiling! By the time I got back upstairs, there was already one big breakers circle formed to the right side of the stage, next to the stairs. Sometime during the beginning of Cor-e's set, he played "In the Air Tonight," by Phil Collins. I'm not sure if anyone else really noticed it (the vocals were really low), but I thought it was a definite nice touch over the basslines. Maybe I'm just partial, since it's one of my favorite songs! While Heaven was still a bit empty (maybe 200 or so people), someone mentioned how the bass was shaking and vibrating the building. I don't know about the building, but parts of my body were vibrated that I wasn't aware I had! Definitely a great set by Cor-e!!

Although the music was (I think) the best of the night, the lighting definitely left something to be desired. The only lighting in Heaven (other than lights at the bar) was a bright white light behind Cor-e. That may be great for the DJ, but it really sucks for the kids on the floor. I don't know what the deal was with the lighting, but there was nothing until just after Danny the Wildchild came on.

Cor-e I forgot to leave my pager in my car, and didn't want to lose it, so at the end of Cor-e's set, I ran downstairs and asked the guys at the door if I could take my pager out to my car. He said it was fine and I wouldn't have to pay re-entry, etc, since I had a stamp and two bands (one was a VIP band, I think). But, by the time I got back to the building (five minutes, max!) some chick at the "ticket booth" with a major attitude decided I needed to pay to get into the party. Not the $3 re-entry, but the $20 cover. After a little bit of bitching, and a slight attitude of my own, I managed to save myself $17 and paid the re-entry just to get out of the freezing cold.

On my way back into the building, I was followed in by the biggest jerk on the APD. I've never understood why people have such a hatred for cops until this night. He followed me inside, into Hell, up the stairs and into Heaven and over to a breakers circle, where he immediately snatched someone up off the floor and told him "If I see you sitting on the floor again, I'll arrest you!" I do think this was way over the top, since the kid was simply kneeling on the edge of the circle, watching and waiting for his chance to dance. For a party that seemed to have absolutely no security (I wasn't even searched outside), Mirage definitely found the biggest ass on the APD to treat all the kids inside like criminals. I definitely didn't appreciate this, since I don't do anything and have absolutely no reason to be followed or suspected. I had $5 and ID on me.

Danny the Wildchild was on by this time. The last time I saw him in Atlanta (I believe it was a Liquid Groove party at The Church) his set was absolutely amazing!! But, after about five minutes, I decided I had enough of getting pushed and hit, so I made my way down the stairs to Hell. Scott Hardkiss was on, and he had the room jumping!! I listened to a few minutes of his set, but by that time, there was almost no bass in that room and my ears were starting to bleed. Which was unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to his set.

Danny the Wildchild I went over to Purgatory and hung out with a group of friends, watching their drunken pool game. (I'm still not sure if they ever finished that lasted a very long time!) I'm not a drinker, but one of the best things about Masquerade as a venue is the bars!! I'd rather see a few drunk people stumbling around than trip over some e-fluenced puddle of kids sitting in the middle of the dance floor. I don't know who was spinning at that time. When I asked, I think someone said his name was Marcus. No one really knew exactly who he was. There was no one dancing, and the only person left to ask was the DJ. I could've picked the needle up and asked who he was, but I thought that would be rude. He was bouncing back and forth between house, breaks and trance...nothing really flowed.

I wandered around and heard people talking about Kimball's flight being delayed or cancelled. I was disappointed with the news for a couple of reasons: I was supposed to interview him with the people from wetair, and I was really looking forward to his set! But this was something out of his control; OT refusal by Delta pilots and bad weather in ATL forced a lot of flights to be cancelled. Siren apparently had the same problems with getting into Atlanta. Oh well...there's always next time.... Kimball is supposedly coming to Riviera in a couple of weeks...$5 with the lil yellow thingy, right?!

I made it back into Purgatory as Sikora took the decks. He had the room packed and dancing!! About five minutes or so into his set, it was decided that he would be moved upstairs, into Heaven. I'm not sure of the exact reasons, but the missing talent and packed rooms seemed to be factors of the decision. We all poured into the main hallway and started up the stairs. Sikora took over the decks and got the crowd jumping again. A few breakers circles quickly formed again, and brought out some amazing dancers. There was one guy (who's name I didn't catch) that kept calling others out in the circle all night. During Sikora's set, I think he met his match with a cutie by the name of Nick. He was an amazing dancer! Perhaps the best I'd seen all night.

breaker I danced around in Heaven for a while and after being intentionally tripped by some rude punk and being kicked three times, I thought I'd acquired enough bruises for the evening, and decided to head home. On my way out, some random person stopped me and during the conversation I was asked my name by someone else. It was Jonathan Allyn! He and his girlfriend remembered me from the SciTrek afterparty, where I returned his cell phone that I found in the middle of the main room at SciTrek. Great memory!

Jonathan was due to go on in about ten minutes, so I decided to tough it out and listen to at least a few minutes of his set. By this point, I was almost danced out! As soon as my body stopped moving, I got very tired and decided I should definitely head out. What I did hear of his set was great, and I can't wait to see him out again!

While waiting outside in the freezing (or below freezing?) temperatures before the doors opened, I think we decided that it's not sharing water bottles that makes us's waiting outside for over an hour in freezing cold weather. On my way out, I decided it was getting hot and sweaty, and then going outside into the cold weather. Perhaps it's both.

Bad lighting, bad sound, no-show DJ's, bad vibes, mean people (staff, security & partykids)...all made for a bad night. I was quite disappointed with the majority of the night. It was much less than what I had come to expect from Mirage. Cor-e and Sikora definitely saved a few hours of the night for me. Thanks guys!

A message to the next person that asks me if I have any, want any, know where they can get any, or if I want a back rub (ewwwww): The answer is NO and if you ask me that again, I will hurt you. :)

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