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  Mirage 6.12.99
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Mirage

Shannon PetrickMirage at the Tabernacle was a dream come true. This party had every genre of techno you could possibly imagine — all my musical cravings were satisfied. From Deepsky and Chris Fortier's trance to Doc Roc's breaks to AK1200 and Wally's drum and could you go wrong? And let's not forget the old skool DJs like Heather Heart and Adam X, who I haven't seen in a while.

shiny, happy peopleMy friends and I arrived at 1 a.m. only to wait in a short but slow moving line (one of the only downpoints of the evening). The security was tight at the door, making sure to pat down every inch of our bodies. Once we got in, the rest of the night ran as smooth as ice cream. I'd been to the Tabernacle for a previous Mirage party and wasn't too impressed by the venue but for some reason the Tabernacle was more appealing this time around. I also realized that the club used to be a church which made the atmosphere even more ethereal.

The first performance I saw when I walked into the main room was DJ Prophet. What can I say...this guy was amazing. Hearing his music brought a smile to my face and set the mood for the rest of the night. Prophet's set blew my mind and I didn't think it could get any better...that is, until Deepsky came on.

main room crowd at MirageI remember hearing Deepsky a few months ago at the Atrium and they were really good but somehow they were even better at the Tabernacle. Their set didn't last long (maybe an hour) but they drove hard and didn't quit. It was refreshing to hear a live act pumping out their own music. It seemed like every techno fan, from jungle lovers to break lovers, went insane over Deepsky's trance because NO ONE was sitting down. And how could you? Deepsky's endless energy radiated out to the crowd. As if that wasn't enough, the background screens matched the music. As amazing trance filtered through everyone's ears, they saw everything from trippy, aerial landscape views to Michelin Man-looking figures on the stage screens. The lights in the main room (provided by Crescent City) were awesome, with a combination of complex lasers and multi-colored spotlights.

Wally in the Cellar After Deepsky, I went into the 20Hz Cartel chill room and had the pleasure of hearing one of Atlanta's best DJs — Gabriel. It was one of the best chill-out rooms I'd ever been in. It had everything! There were huge, comfy pillows, couches, good music, and swirly light designs to watch on the ceiling. I went into the chill area to cool off and relax but that really wasn't possible since it must have been 105 degrees in there. But at least for a few minutes, Gabriel's beautiful ambient set took my mind away from almost passing out from heat exhaustion. I've seen this local DJ play trance, progressive house, jungle, and now ambient and he never fails to please. He has a wonderful taste in music and his DJ skills are impeccable. He's definitely a rising star.

During the night, I also had the pleasure of hearing Stryke who has been one of my favorite performers for about three years. Best known for the track, "Acid Music," Stryke played an amazing set and renewed my faith in him as a techno pioneer.

flipping! I also heard some of AK1200's set. I'm not a big fan of drum and bass but I really love AK1200. Ever since the CD, "Fully Automatic" came out, I've been a big fan. Seeing Heather Heart tag with Adam X was a great experience as well. She is a big inspiration to me. I haven't seen her play in a while and she was wonderful. Being a female DJ myself, I look up to her. She holds her own in a male-dominated field.

Except for a few aspects, this party was perfect and I haven't been to one so extraordinary in a long time. Even the smallest details, like the unusually short bathroom lines, combined together and made that party rock. I can't praise Mirage enough for the event they put together that night.

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