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  Mirage 03.08.2002
reviews and photos by Onisha Roman

Venue: The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Mirage

Crowd at TabernacleOver the past few months, my best friend, boyfriend and I have turned into anti-social hermits due to the current events that are taking place all around us. My mom always said that there is a time and a place for everything, and I figured what better time to refocus my life priorities than during the onset of World War III? But alas, there are only so many political and religious discussions one can have before feeling absolutely frustrated and helpless with the state of the world in which we live. I desperately needed a release, just one night out to have fun, dance and be carefree again and what better place than an event thrown by Mirage!

Ever since I started attending Atlanta parties oh so many moons ago, the Mirage Production Company has always provided its public with top-notch talent and unforgettable nights. Along with an eclectic group of attendants in costumes (yes, I was one of them!), the magical, ethereal vibe was only magnified by the fact that the venue of choice, the Tabernacle, was a church built during the early 20th century that was fully renovated for concert use in 1997.

Aside from the spaciousness of the venue, what I loved most about the Tabernacle was that it came pre-decorated! Not only were the interior walls colorfully painted with vibrant colors in various designs, patterns and shapes, they were also adorned with hand-painted works of art created by regional artists. The chill rooms housed numerous plush sofas, chairs and pillows for lounging. The main chill room was decorated with exotic patterns and rich fabrics creating an atmosphere much similar to what I'd imagine a harem would be.

Baby Anne at Tabernacle The party started at 9 P.M., but I got caught up and ended up loosing track of time, giving me a late start on things. I parked my car and listened to the familiar pounding of the bass as it reverberated through the walls of the venue, spilling out into the streets, and greeting party goers with promises of a fun-filled night. By the time I got in at 11 (line, what line?), I noticed J-Luv leaving and Baby Anne getting into place. There were very few people in attendance, but the infamous Queen of Bass seemed not to notice as she jumped right in and gave the chosen few what they had come for. Stepping it up a notch, she made great effort to work the crowd, laying down a set filled with those crazy, bass-driven Florida breaks we all know and love. A cloud of smoke blew out in front of the stage, giving illusion of 3-D objects floating ahead. A few favorites were thrown into the mix that were sure to get the crowd psyched, and she even showed signs of mercy by providing tracks slow enough to allow for a break.

Baby Anne and Kimball Collins Tabernacle At 12:30, Kimball Collins was up to bat. By now a decent sized crowd had begun to fill up the club. There were some candy kids and junglists in attendance, but the crowd was mostly comprised of new faces in Gap/Abercrombie type attire. Kimball's set started off trancey, but it didn't last long; he threw in some phat tribal and house beats, giving us the unique sound that is undeniably Kimball. Baby Anne was back on stage, but now as his personal cheerleader, dancing all around him and doing her best to help him hype up the crowd. Even Kimball couldn't resist her energy and got noticeably more into it, bopping back and forth over the decks. Baby Anne smiled as she pointed this out and mentioned how it's rare to see him dancing like that. The kids in the audience seemed to pick up on his extra effort: they showed their appreciation with hoots, hollers and dancing.

Before I knew it, it was 1:30 A.M. and Micro was taking the stage, kicking it in hardcore with some fast beats and nu skool breaks that were sure to get the blood flowing. Unfortunately, my legs couldn't take any more, and I was forced to make myself comfortable and chat for the rest of the night with Reggie, who was working with the sound crew that night (check him out on the club-goer profile!). The crowd seemed to be really digging what Micro dished out as they worked themselves into a frenzy making his set the definite climax of the night.

Unfortunately, Scott Henry was unable to make it out, but Kevin hopped on stage and filled in the empty slot. The crowd began thinning out as the pace was slowed and 4A.M. drew near. The lights came up, the music stopped, and I bid farewell to my new friend before I traveled back north where my boyfriend and puppy awaited my arrival.

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