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  Lush 6.12.99
by Plane

Venue: Yin Yang Café - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: DJ Kolia

Listen up! I would really like to share a night excursion out at Lush. In case you have been hiding in a box (like myself) you would know that Lush is an event which happens once a month at Yin-Yang Café. The music began around 2 o'clock with Zheno throwing down some chunky tech house beats. The place was pretty empty when I got there but my friend assured me that it would fill up soon. On our way to Yin-Yang we happened to drive by the Mirage party at the Tabernacle, where we discovered that the city's youth were jammed into what appeared to be a sold out event. My friend still assured me that Lush would happen; a couple of cocktails later she proved to be right on.

Let me first let you in on a little something about myself, I helped to build "the block" and I watched many people go around it, so I know what's up. I took a break from my involvement in the "scene" recently due to frustration which most of us who have been around since the beginning have experienced. Well, I am happy to say that I am now relieved because of my experience at Lush. It is nice to get back to the underground and the vibe, without the hype. I am sure that there are a large number of party and club goers in this city who have been to Lush and missed the point, so let me stick you with it. These events were designed to showcase the music and the talent behind the wheels with the hopes that together these elements will erupt your soul and make you move. Everything else is fluff.

Now that I am out and off of my box I will continue. The big surprise of the night was to hear that DJ Jask was here from Tampa to spin after Zheno. My first encounter with Jask was when I was putting a party together, back in the day, when I traveled down to Tampa to meet with him personally before he and Neath performed at my party. He was on the tables at a store called Tucker impressing the hell out me, while I stood there and spoke to Dave and Steve who would later form Rabbit in the Moon. Well, Jask's skills have somehow improved and his music selection was divine. I could not have asked for a better vibe and the old skool crowd, packed around me, seemed to appreciate it as well. Even the few people who mistakenly stumbled upon this event could not help but move to the funked out sounds of Jask in the lonely disco light. I was again satisfied, so it was time to go. The only negative encounter of my night occurred as we were walking out the back door. As we entered the overly crowded gravel pit out back, a rather tall gentleman blared a very racist comment to the entire crowd around him. It suddenly felt like Atlanta again so we wasted no time in bolting through the door before things got nasty. I do not know the outcome of this verbal time warp but I feel it was worth mentioning to illustrate that there is always someone who wants to crash a good time, so just let it roll off and move on.

I would give my night a "thumbs-up" over all with a parting shot at the club owners. Build bigger bathrooms! To everyone else, spread the love and keep the peace.

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