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  Steve Lawler Lights Out 06.07.2002
by Roberto Torreggiani
Photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Liquified

There were expectations going into the night from both the opener, Jonathan Lisle and the headliner, Steve Lawler; one of them lived up to his part.

Eleven50's Acqua lounge at nightJonathan Lisle mostly played progressive breaks, which was refreshing in concept, but tired in practice. Not only was the mixing sub-par (too many fades), but also the majority of the track selection came from popular releases years ago. In fact, towards the end of Lisle's set, a strange homage to Sasha and Digweed's Northern Exposure 2 was reeled off, including classics such as LSG's "Netherworld," Lost Tribe's "Angel," and Dammerung's "Frontside." This is not to say that Lisle is a bad DJ per se, Steve Lawler at Eleven50 but from all the hype I was hearing about him, I expected a bit more. I think he was placed in a difficult position since everyone was eagerly awaiting Steve Lawler to take the decks.

Jonathan Lisle at Eleven50When he did come on, it was like night and day, the crowd was instantly barraged with tribal rhythms. The energy was through the roof from the first kick drum, and the energy was maintained throughout the entire evening. Audibly the crowd was definitely being pleased, but the visual effects that were added for the Lights Out Tour were just as fun. Quotes were flashed across the walls such as, "Are you old enough to know better, but young enough to want more?" and, "Pain can be a positive thing." These just added to the sexy sounds that were emanating from the speakers.

Dancer at Eleven50The sound was loud…really loud. This enhanced the night for some and turned others off. Ironically, on the outside patio Michael Scott and Neidel Crisan were battling sound problems of a different kind, as the monitors were the only source of sound and barely audible to those catching the fresh air.

Dancer at Eleven50Back inside, Lawler was dropping some killer tracks, living up to the moniker of the "British Danny Tenaglia." Speaking of Danny, his remix of Green Velvet's "Flash" had the place going mental. Some of Lawler's other big tracks included Those Pesky Kids' "As Long As I Got U," which samples an old Love Committee tune, and the Scumfrog remix of Kylie Minogue's "Love At First Sight." Lawler's mixing was tight for the most part, and any minor mishaps were quickly remedied. He was rocking three decks and the Pioneer CDJ-1000 throughout the course of the night.

This party was one of the best I've ever attended. To quote my good friend, Angie Tassistro (who is new to the city and had never attended eleven50 or Liquified events before), "It was so, so good." I'm already anxiously awaiting Lawler's return.

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Lights Out from Global Underground: Lights Out
Mixed by Steve Lawler


  1. Lights Out - Intro. Part 1 Featuring Helena Barber
  2. Shmuel & Baranes - Spanish Tales
  3. SAM-U-L - Generate
  4. Ultra Fine - Kasso
  5. Frank O. Moiraghi & Mr. Mike - Harlem Shuffle
  6. Paranoid Jack - Dirty Fingernails
  7. The Scumfrog - The Watersong
  8. J & S - Sunrise
  9. Steve Lawler - Andante
  10. Swain & Snell - Electro Track
  11. Cevin Fisher - Let's Get It Together (Somebody)
  12. Thick Dick - Orgasm
  13. Angelo Kortez Feat. Alan T. - Houze Muzik
  1. Lights Out - Intro. Part 2 Feat. Vaule
  2. Union - Technological Aspects (Cevin Fisher Beats)
  3. Daniel Mode - Music Pressure
  4. Pimp - The Light (ATT Mix)
  5. John Ciafone - Thunder
  6. Desert - I See The Light (D. Ramirez Bitcrusher Remix)
  7. Rhythm Gangsta - The Crowd Song
  8. Crossover - Photograph
  9. Dirty Waltzer - By Soul Of Man
  10. Psycho Radio - In the Underground
  11. Hardon - Brighton Project
  12. Dr. Kutcho & Wally Lopez - La Luna (Antoine 909 Mix)
  13. Noize Gate - Bang The Drum
  14. Duality - Static
  15. Canteen - Everyone (Maurice & Noble)

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