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  Liquified feat. TiŽsto 10.24.2002
review by Roberto Torreggiani
photos by Julie Cash

Venue: Riviera
Presented by: Liquified

Crowd at Rivera for TiŽsto.  Photos courtesy of Julie CashI thought by arriving to The Riviera at 11pm on this night I would be getting there in plenty of time. Wrong. The line was wrapped around the building. I am sure that a lot of it had to do with this being an 18+ party. I have never seen so many people at the Riviera... ever. Atlanta needs more shows like this at the Midtown clubs. We don't have an older population "in the know" as some of the other metropolitan cities do to pull off shows like this. We need to open our doors to the younger crowd.

Andy Hunter in the boothEnough with the editorializing. Andy Hunter opened the night, and to his obvious delight (and my dismay) he already had a packed floor. He had the crowd moving with progressive and trance tracks. He was making the most of the superb sound and was really working the crowd into a frenzy. The track that got the most response had to be "Sweet Temptation." The way he threw down, I don't think Andy will be playing many more opening sets.

TiŽsto in the booth.  Photos courtesy of Julie CashOn to the Holland Hustler... Tiesto came on to the cheers of a more than ready crowd. It looked as if he was having some mixer problems early, but whatever it was it did not affect his performance. I didn't hear the slightest error in his mixing, and his programming followed suit. From time to time, the excitable crowd would break into chants of "TiŽsto! TiŽsto!" I haven't seen a crowd this appreciative of a DJ in quite awhile. It was almost as if the crowd was praising a deity, and it was well deserved. TiŽsto track selection was incredible, not to mention the fact that he did not play a single anthem, as some of the haters would like to think. His biggest track of the night had to be "Loneliness" by Tomcraft, which is sure to be a huge hit when it gets released on this side of the pond.

A lot of the dance community seems to think that trance is dead. As a good friend pointed out, "It's not dead; it was just taking a breather." Indeed. The purists can claim that trance will never make it; it looks to me as if trance is waiting for everyone else to get there.


Exodus from Exodus
Mixed by Andy Hunter

Track Listing:

  1. Go
  2. The Wonders of You
  3. Radiate
  4. Amazing
  5. Show
  6. Translucent
  7. Angelic
  8. Sandstorm Calling
  9. Strange Dream
  10. Intercessional

In Search of Sunrise 3 from In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama
Mixed by TiŽsto

Track Listing:

  1. Noa Assembly - Into The Fire
  2. DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix)
  3. Starecase - Faith (Loafer Mix)
  4. Andain - Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix)
  5. Solar Stone - Solar Coaster
  6. Tremor - Meia Lua (Steve Gibbs Remix)
  7. DJ TiŽsto - In My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal Mix)
  8. Argonaut - Your Body Is A Temple
  9. World Clique - Don't Do It
  10. Chiller Twist - Strings Ultd. (Shelley Mix)
  11. Paul Oakenfold - Souther Sun (DJ TiŽsto Remix)
  12. Accessive Rhythm - Activate
  13. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
  14. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes
  15. Jericho - Personal Reflexion

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