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  Liquified feat. Sasha 10.11.2002
review by Roberto Torreggiani
photos Julie Cash

Venue: eleven50
Presented by: Liquified

The stage was set for a great show, literally. Special for Sasha, eleven50 installed a custom-made stage, not to mention extra sound and added décor.

Liqiufied (and laser at Sasha)The night started off with Steve Porter, and he played well for those in attendance. Keeping it in deep tech-trance mode during his set, his mixing was pretty tight, except for slight corrections. Steve had the difficult job of opening for a legend. It gets to the point where everyone is eagerly awaiting the headliner and wishes that the opener (although a good one) would hand over the reigns.

Tonight was no different.

Sasha at Liquified at eleven50Sasha came on to loud cheers and applause, to which he has grown accustomed from his faithful Atlanta supporters. Surprisingly, there didn't seem to be as many people as his last couple of visits to eleven50. The first half of his set started off with deep, groovy basslines and a darker edge, which seemed to be the preference among those in attendance. During the second half, Sasha played a bit more progressive - epic tracks that weren't as groundbreaking as the tunes in the early part of his set. Nonetheless, the crowd was picking up what he was putting down. Speaking briefly with Marcus, one of the onlookers, he made the comment that after coming to so many of Sasha's shows (17 in all) that it still felt like his first. I think this sentiment was expressed by majority of the Sasha followers.

the crowd at SashaSasha kept the crowd going until the very end with tracks such as the one the kids are calling "Cowpander" (Sasha's "Xpander" laid over Underworld's "Cowgirl"). The participants seemed to be pleased audibly, but something that kept bothering me, as well as others: Why was the booth positioned on the stairs? I feel as if it divided the floor and didn't allow for a unified masses feel. But enough with the decorating tips, good show as always Liquid Groove.


Air Drawn Dagger from Air Drawn Dagger
by Sasha

Track Listing:

  • Drempels
  • Mr. Tiddles
  • Magnetic North
  • Cloud Cuckoo
  • Immortal
  • Fundamental
  • Boileroom
  • Bloodlock
  • Requiem
  • Golden Arm
  • Wavy Gravy

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