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  Liquified pres. Gabriel & Dresden 06.04.2005
Venue: eleven50
by Parker Stephens

Parker and friend Ever since the duo first united in 2001, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden have hit the electronic dance community with a wave of creativity. Their most recent performance at eleven50 hosted by Liquified proves they are not only talented remixers and producers, but skilled DJs as well. It was refreshing to see eleven50 already buzzing with activity around 11:00 as the four hour set was about to begin. The crowd was of typical diversity for a Saturday night, a fair mix of the educated and the plain pleasure seeker. With the DJ booth positioned on the front stage area, familiarity with the DJ duo could almost be judged as unfolding backwards from the booth itself. Enthusiastic and large eyed trance-heads bobbled directly in front of the booth's brim, while most of the Gabriel-and-who? portion of the crowd filled the lower area. They would all be dancing by the end of the night.

Dave Dresden



Gabriel & Dresden

Gabriel & Dresden I have heard many complaints about the DJ booth being setup on the upper dance floor area. Some hate the idolatrous nature of the look-at-me DJ altar, and others just want more room to dance. These are both genuine concerns that I can relate to. However, Gabriel and Dresden demonstrated an instance where this configuration works best in creating pure excitement and an infectious vibe that spreads throughout the club. Fans of trance and progressive, more than any other fans in electronic music, crave a visual connection with their DJs. I noticed this when G&D played eleven50 last October, and instead of performing in the front of the club they were nestled in eleven50's upper level booth. Other than a handful of devoted fans with their faces pressed up against the booth's glass, no one was able to make a visual link. They played some of the same tracks both nights, but there was a difference in October. When huge tracks like "As the Rush Comes" were dropped, the crowd reacted in a much more casual manner—more to acknowledge the track than to be, say, embraced or surrounded. Without at least something to look at, people appear to be slightly lost on the dance floor... sure they have their space to dance in, but in my observations there is a lower tendency to use it. Personally, when I saw them in October I wanted to be able to see the duo spin (and click) only to find out if the were having fun or not. I had the feeling from previous sets of theirs that they may have felt a little trapped in expectations of them to play big tracks like "As the Rush Comes," instead of other material, since a lot of the other things they play do not have the same sound as that track. However, during their most recent performance, seeing how much fun the both of them were having, I learned the diversity of tracks in their sets are what makes Gabriel and Dresden excellent and unclassifiable DJs. While G&D do incorporate extravagant trance-like tracks into their sets, they surround them with funkiness and a depth that many DJs fail to create. G&D play with the audience; they give them an accapella of "As the Rush Comes" and then send them straight back into pure driving beats that make the crowd salivate for their release... and when the track finally is dropped, there is not a soul standing still in the entire club. G&D manage not to cheapen their trance and progressive elements by linking all their various tracks and genres together in a unpredictable and undeniably danceable way.

Josh Gabriel



Being able to see your DJs does not have to revolve around ego; reciprocity was at work on this night, as the energy of the crowd connected with that of the DJ's to make something truly special. In a time when many trance and progressive house sets are as about exciting as watching a heart monitor, it is encouraging to experience a set by two DJs who seek to push boundaries in the midst of stagnation.


Angelblue & DJ Sublime



more photos—page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5


Gabriel & Dresden - Bloom
Bloom from Disc 1:

  1. Arcadia - Gabriel & Dresden
  2. Serendipity - Gabriel & Dresden
  3. Lament - Gabriel & Dresden
  4. Here Is the House - Andain
  5. Forwards - Michael Burns
  6. World On Fire [Junkie XL Club Mix][Mix] - Sarah McLachlan
  7. Eternal Key [Mix]
  8. Someone Else - Voyager
  9. Dub Horizon - Gabriel & Dresden
  10. Cronch - Ferenc
  11. Stoppage Time - Guy Gerber
Disc 2:
  1. Voices - Pass into Silence
  2. Athena - Elevation
  3. Anything [Gabriel & Dresden Code 313 Dub][Dub] - Lili Haydn
  4. Nova Santori [Josh Gabriel Mix][Mix]
  5. Don't Leave Home [Gabriel & Dresden Mix][Mix] - Dido
  6. Sub [Mix]
  7. No One on Earth [Gabriel & Dresden Mix][Mix]
  8. Alive [Original Mix][Mix] - Josh Gabriel
  9. Switch [Mix] - Josh Gabriel
  10. Electric Eclipse
  11. Imagination [Acoustic] - Motorcycle

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