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  Liquified pres. Dave Seaman & Luke Chable 04.09.2005
Venue: eleven50

Therapy Sessions were one of those, signature events, featuring world calibre talents in Miami during WMC (it's not easy to stand out during the gluttony of Conference). Not surprising, when it hit the road as a tour (bearing the same name) around the country, Therapy Sessions offered some of the same amazing lineup for many more nights of great music in many more cities. Then in 2004, Therapy Sessions launched as a CD compilation, taking Phil K from the cusp of inner-circle fandom onto the wider audience of progressive ilsteners and world-wide fame.

Lightning is about to strike twice. The accompanying tour for Therapy Sessions Volume 2, with Dave Seaman, once again, and Luke Fair came to Eleven50 this past Saturday night. Although Seaman was the top billing, some of the early arrivees were definitely in attendance for the debut of Luke Fair, the latest 22-year old export from Australia, along with Atlanta's own DJ Numinous and Habersham. They were not disappointed. Plenty of the production that's Fair's hallmark sound—progressive and breakbeat combined to encouraged even the most stubborn floor planters to dance. Then Dave Seaman took over, unleashing his brand of big room tracks until it was the always-to-soon 2:45 a.m.

For those who missed the night, the CD comes out April 19th and check out the pictures below.







































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Dave Seaman & Luke Chable - Therapy Sessions vol. 2
Therapy Sessions vol. 2 from Disc 1:

  1. Stel & Good Newz: Little Soul
  2. Da Glass: You Won’t Bother Me (20/20 Mix)
  3. Silicone Soul: Les Nocturnes
  4. Mellow: Drifting Out of Sight (FC Kahuna Mix)
  5. Holden & Thompson: Come With Me
  6. DJ 19 vs. Austin Leeds: Diamond Dust (Rabbit in the Moon’s Harry Cane Remix)
  7. Tilt: New Day (Killahurtz Mix)
  8. Tonedepth feat. Matt Shapiro: To the Moon
  9. Tears for Fears: Closest Thing to Heaven (Brothers In Rhythm Group Therapy Remix)
  10. Stel Feat. John Elliott: Finding Time (Killahurtz Mix)
  11. Ethan: In My Heart (Original Instrumental)
  12. Stel & Good Newz: Little Soul (Group Therapy Reprise)
Disc 2:
  1. Andy Page: Skin Up
  2. Rene Amesz: Fragile
  3. Dan Mangan: Little Snitch
  4. Uberzone: 2Kool4Skool
  5. Uberzone: Moondusted
  6. Danni Bonnici: Return to Saturn
  7. Kling & Charles: Parallel Realities (Habersham’s Git Er Dun Mix)
  8. Thunderpants: Pickadollen
  9. Nikola Gala: Discobreak
  10. Mannel: Cruel Summer (Break Your Ass Mix)
  11. Chable & Dirty Fours: Tokyo (Nubreed Remix)
  12. Luke Fair: Bloc Rock w/ Ferry Grant feat. Jennifer House "I'll Kill You" (Acapella)
  13. Chable: Skyline Road

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