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  Liquified feat. LTJ Bukem 04.05.2002
by Norman Mayers

Venue: Blü
Presented by: Liquified

Liquified do it again and bring the ever popular LTJ Bukem back to Atlanta. This champion of the atmospheric drum & bass scene is always a crowd pleaser, and Liquified has been allowing us to experience his talents for the past few years. LTJ is best experienced in a club atmosphere as opposed to a rave, and this time the promoters came correct by having this event at Blü in Midtown. Blü is quite an oddity. It is actually an upscale circuit party club (as evident from the shirtless male torsos which line the entrance) that the promoters have just recently started renting. Nevertheless, Blü is an incredible venue that needs to be respected.

Upon entering, one notices the strikingly beautiful decor that consists of metal walls, blue carpeting, huge couches and sexy lighting. Once past the coat check area, patrons are greeted with a plush lounge area complete with oxygen bar, but unfortunately no alcohol bar. The bars here only serve Gatorade and Red Bull. The lack of alcohol is forgotten once you step into the huge main room. There is an area in the back just for dancing and also an area close to the stage for those who like to gawk at the DJ booth. The sound system is phenomenal, although a bit loud at times, and the lighting was on point. Another bar can also be found at the far end of the dance floor. Add to that an outside chill area, and you have yourself a club sent from heaven.

Just as I was walking into the venue, Mr. Bukem was beginning his set. The masterful DJ never disappointed throwing down a classic set. He started off with his patented style of atmospherics over heavy beats. The crowd cheered every breakdown and drop as MC Conrad controlled the proceedings with his smooth vocal stylings. LTJ's mixing was flawless as he effortlessly made his way through many styles of drum & bass. Beginning with ethereal and atmospheric, LTJ soon found himself playing some chunky tunes more in common with Total Science than Progression Sessions. He then easily segued into some percussive, jazzy numbers. All in all, his three-hour set was varied, interesting and brilliantly executed.

I have never attended an LTJ Bukem event of this type where the vibe was not great; this event was no exception. With an eclectic mix of nu skool hippies, drum & bass heads and everyone in between, the crowd was definitely diverse. Dancing was the choice activity though, and this made for a good night. Liquified must be commended for putting together another night of exceptional talent as well as for bringing this killer new venue to the masses. Until next time!


Cream from Progression Sessions, America LIVE 2001
Mixed by LTJ Bukem

Track Listing:

  1. Continental Drift - Nookie
  2. Inside Your Love - Makoto
  3. Take My Soul Baby - Makoto
  4. Scho Location - Future Engineers
  5. Default - Rantoul
  6. Mind Vision - Makoto & Akira
  7. Futures Call (Makoto Remix) - MC Conrad
  8. Natural Experience - Nookie
  9. Energetic Poetry (Nookie Remix) - MC Conrad
  10. Solstice - Nookie

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