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  Liquified feat. Sandra Collins 03.22.2002
review and photos by Roberto Torreggiani

Venue: Blü
Presented by: Liquified

Crowd at BlüIt is only fair to start this review by writing about the venue. Blü is Atlanta's new hot spot. Walking into the space, I immediately noticed the chrome and metallic blue surroundings which really brought out its modern, stark flare. You don't find this type of decor at many dance spots in the Peach City. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming dotted with accents of artwork in various corners. But, unlike some clubs (and people) in Atlanta, Blü's beauty is not just skin deep. Looking inside, the 1st priority of Blü is definitely dancing. Form equals function in this club. They have a nice separation between the dance floor and the bar, so you can easily grab a drink without having to work your way through the crowd. The sound is by far the best in Atlanta, and the lighting is right up there as well. Let's not forget the staff, which could either ruin or make your night. Well, they outdid themselves. Bart and the rest of his employees were the friendliest group of club staff that I have encountered in a long time. Blü has set itself up to take over the city.

Marcos PierasWhen I got done taking in the sights, I was surprised to see Marcos Pieras, co-founder of SOCO Audio, behind the decks. I know Marcos mostly for his deep and smooth style of house, but like any good DJ, he can play it all. I was caught off-guard by Marcos rocking it out like he used to do in the days of old, but it was a pleasant surprise. At this point of the night, there weren't many people there, but those who were got a show from Marcos. Marcos' hottest track was "Time Crash" by Triple X. It brought the hands up and really got the floor moving. I wasn't ready for him to step aside, but my disappointment quickly diminished when Christian Michael stepped up to the tables.

Crowd at BlüChristian switched it up a little and started off with breaks. This sound got a few more people on the floor, bringing in a new energy. Christian read the crowd well, and when he saw the B-boys taking up the floor, he moved into a pumping, straight beat. By doing this, it basically opened up the floodgates; he now had a true floor. His mixes were tight, and his set got harder when he could tell that the crowd could handle it. Christian impressed me just as much as Marcos did, and I wish he could have stayed up there a bit longer as well. Christian's biggest track of the night: Twisters Silence - "Listen To Me Mama," the DJ Scot Project Remix on Unsubmissive. Sandra Collins at Blü I thought they were going to have to break out the mops to get the sweat off the floor. Christian really wore them out when he dropped that track.

Sandra Collins at BlüThen it was time for Ms. Sandra. Hell, it could have been freakin' Barbara Walters up there for all I know. You couldn't see through the wall of underage male ravers that were blocking the view from the floor and fogging up the booth. She definitely did not disappoint moving between trance and progressive house with ease. She even surprised the crowd a bit by dropping a few tribal tracks, the most notable being "The Skank" by Northern Monkeys, which seems to be getting a lot of recognition lately by visiting DJs. Sandra did play a few anthems, but did not base her whole set on it. Even though it was an anthem, one of her best tracks of the night happened to be "Aphrodite" by Paris & Sharp. This track did the trick, and she had the floor's undivided attention for the rest of the night. I did not recognize the majority of records in her set, which I like. I really appreciate it when DJs push new, unreleased tracks.

All in all, it was a good night. I am never disappointed at a Liquified party, and this was no exception. I hope Blü and Liquified will continue to work together on bringing big talent into our town.


Cream from Cream
Mixed by Sandra Collins

Track Listing:

  1. Solid Ground (Markus Schulz Tribal Mix) - Carissa Mondavi
  2. Robot Funk 2001 (Cimmera's Space At Amnesia Dub) - Manhattan
  3. Momentum - Lastmanstanding
  4. Warp - 16th Element
  5. Chaos Engine - Traveller & Quest
  6. My Mind Is Going - Piece Process
  7. Derangement Of The Senses - Voyager
  8. Do You Hear It? (Bet Two For Good Mix) - Chiller Twist
  9. All I Want (Mark O' Tool Mix) - JBN
  10. Fouk (Maurice & Noble's Fouked Up Union Mix) - T-Empo
  11. Faith Delivers (Union Main Room Mix) - Maurice & Noble

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