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  Liquified 9-Year Anniversary, part 2 11.01.2003

Venue: eleven50

For the second night, the (seasonal) Halloween decorations were mostly removed. Liquified also set up the tables on the stage itself, permitting an upclose-and-personal session with DJs Ian James and Kimball Collins. The costumes may have been gone, too, but people came out and danced and had a grat time in general, to wrap up Liquified's 9 Year Anniversary Party.

Kimball Collins



Christy & Lily

Ian James

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DJ Hardware - Psychotrance 2004
Psychotrance 2004 from Track Listing:

  1. acting out (inkfish)
  2. beatz in peacez (peace division)
  3. over (digitribe)
  4. r u feeling (decon & gene carbonell)
  5. fool's gold *gene carbonell 24k* (kingkade)
  6. tunnel *hardy heller?s dub* (steve mccreery)
  7. hysteria *d. ramierez remix* (james harcourt)
  8. this world ep *andy moor remix* (evrydaydowners)
  9. what god has given you (scanners)
  10. it's our future (mauritius)
  11. ripped (paris & healey)
  12. my acidpacemaker (marco v)

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