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  Liquified 9-Year Anniversary 10.31.2003

Venue: eleven50

Liquified laser logo Every fall, weekends of parties and dance music culminates in the double-event Liqufied anniversary celebrations. Sometimes it's two separate weekends and sometimes it's two back-to-back nights in the same weekend, like this year. It is always an all out extravagant production to mark the passage of time, the expiration of daylight savings... oh, did we mention it's usually Halloween too?

And Halloween 2003 saw the return of Crystal Method (pre)touring for their latest album, Legion of Boom, and playing as their DJ roots (vs. the band/live PA setup).

As you can imagine, it's a pretty crazy night... lights, sound and all those trick-or-treat dress-up. Why waste time on words, let's just check out the pages and pages of photos.

Ken Jordan (TCM)

Scott Kirkland (TCM)


the line outside

more photos 1 2 3 4


Legion Of Boom - The Cyrstal Method
Legion Of Boom from Track Listing:

  1. Starting Over - Rahzel (vocals)
  2. Born Too Slow - Wes Borland (guitar) and John Garcia (vocals)
  3. True Grit
  4. American Way - Rahzel (vocal)
  5. I know itís You - Milla Jovovich (vocals)
  6. Realizer - Lisa from the Bellrays (vocals) and Jon Brion (guitar)
  7. Broken Glass - Wes Borland (guitar)
  8. Weapons of Mass Distortion - Wes Borland (guitar)
  9. Bound Too Long - Hanifah aka Sha-kay (vocals)
  10. Acetone - Rahzel (vocals)
  11. High and Low - Lisa from the Bellrays (vocals)
  12. Wide Open - Hanifah aka Sha-kay (vocals)

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