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  Liquified Nation II 12.9.00
by Toshia Sheets
photos by Sabrina Sexton Weil

Venue: Center Stage - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Liquid Groove

Toshia SheetsThe cold, damp weather didn't stop the masses from coming out to Liquid Groove on December 9. Expecting the usual full-on parties presented by Devin and his crew, they were certain they would not be disappointed by the sounds of Dieselboy, DJ Icey, Kazell, Christopher Lawrence, and our fabulous locals!

When I arrived, shortly after 10:30, the lines were out the door and down the sidewalk. The line seemed to move rather quickly; by the time I walked back up from the parking deck, there were very few people outside the door. I went in right away. Security at the door was the best I've experienced. However, security inside seemed non-existent, with the exception of a few guarding stairways that went someplace under all the seats.

Just inside the entrance, in the "2nd room," Dark 1 was on the decks, keeping the kids jumping. He was absolutely amazing, and kept me out of the main room for about 30 minutes. I went to the main room to hear a little of Kazell's set and search for familiar faces. Kazell just couldn't keep my attention, and the main room (like the rest of the venue) was too dark to find anyone, even early in the night. The set up of the main room was great! The elevated stage for the DJ's kept records from skipping, which is always a plus! The lighting (lasers, etc.) was great!

Being a girl, I just had to check out the bathroom. But I couldn't see it, because there were absolutely no lights in the girls' bathroom. Even before midnight, there were people lying all over the floor back in the dark corner where the bathroom was, and I tripped over a few of them. I don't think I want to know what they were doing!

Eventually, I found Eddie, from Pulse Lasers. We went out onto the main floor to take a look at the shiny new laser they brought in. And, of course, my inquiring mind had to know how it all worked. So up the stairs we went (he had a flashlight!)! I was able to witness the beginning of Dieselboy's set from high above the main room. It was amazing! He definitely didn't go easy on the dancers rushing onto the floor.

Pulse Lasers' balloon 'toy'During the beginning of Dieselboy's set, Todd from Pulse Lasers decided to test out his new toy...a big silver Mylar balloon attached to a little remote controlled device with red laser beams. It looked really cool when the lasers caught it and were deflected by the balloon. He flew it out over the crowd, but got nervous when it got caught in the heat and an air draft, and brought it back up, before someone snatched it and ran off. A few people noticed it, but Todd didn't want it to get too close to the partiers. Before he was able to bring it back up, he sent Eddie off on a mad chase, flashlight in hand, down the stairs and through the crowd....Run, Eddie, run! That was fun to watch! Definitely a highlight! Where's that camera when you need it?

About 15 minutes into Dieselboy's set, I felt the beats calling me to the dance floor, and couldn't ignore the call any longer. I made my way down the dark stairs (a lil light here?) and over the kids, safely to the dance floor. Of course, I found one of three breakers circles. The circles usually call some of the most talented dancers, and some of the silliest kids. Two of the breakers I watched for a while were Vic and Brian. These guys are incredibly talented!! There were a couple of girls in the circles that definitely deserve some recognition, but I wasn't able to catch their names.

I decided to roam the venue for a bit, and ended up in the "2nd room." I couldn't move! I was one of hundreds of people shoved into a very tiny space, tripping over kids on the floor. Out of all those chairs surrounding the main room, you'd think people would sit in them. Not to mention, all the chairs and couches lining the walls in the hallways, etc. I caught some of inc.'s set. There were several people fighting for dance space in the crowded room. I tried dancing there, but just couldn't do it. I went over to the bar, desperate for something to drink with flavor, but no Gatorade!! The bartender was sweet enough to give me some Coke (minus Capt. Morgan) for free! I was so thirsty...that almost made up for the $10 I had to pay in parking!

the second roomI found the safe haven of the room upstairs again toward the end of Dieselboy's set...but found myself being called by the beats again. I made my way back down the stairs, this time tripping over a few people, and finally made it onto the dance floor as DJ Icey took the stage. Of course, I had to be as close to front and center as possible. No breakers circles for me this time...I had to dance! At least, I wanted to dance! And I tried really hard. But I kept getting pushed, shoved, and stepped on. I tried out my friend Josh's theory of dancing really wild and crazy to get more space. It worked all of two seconds. I think they figured out what I was trying to do!

I caught about 45 minutes of Christopher Lawrence's set, but decided it was in my best interest to not acquire more bruises! I wanted to leave this party in one piece! However, what I was able to catch of his set was great! Christopher Lawrence is one DJ that is sure to never disappoint.

Unfortunately, I missed Scott Henry since the lineup was changed around. I felt claustrophobia kicking in when I got stuck in a very dark, hot, tiny hallway with about 1000 people. (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little...but it was a lot!) So, I decided to bail around 4:30am.

Despite the lack of space to get my groove on (limited attendance, please), I did manage to get in a few good hours of dancing, thanks to another fabulous lineup brought out by Liquid Groove!

Just a few words of advice to my fellow party people: Remember the first (and most important) rule of the "Raver Commandments"; No sex on the dance floor!

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