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  Lethal Weaponz 6.3.00
by Chris Haire

Venue: Garden City Convention Center - Augusta, GA
Presented by: Soloboy

Dancing girlNothing in life is perfect, and Soloboy's Lethal Weaponz party on June 3rd proved to be no exception. The party was billed to be a show with a diverse line-up of both regional and local talent. However, the party was marred by a few hitches, but once the music started, everything flowed nicely.

When I arrived in Augusta early Saturday evening, the Soloboy crew seemed a bit frantic, and rightfully so as I learned the Turbosound guys had not arrived yet. According to Dave of Soloboy, the Turbosound crew's truck broke down on the way to Augusta, leaving them with no choice but to turn around to their office to get another truck. By the time they got to Augusta, it was already after 8 o'clock, and that left the sound and light crew less than one hour to setup for the party whose doors were scheduled to open at 9pm. By 11pm, the doors finally opened as Soloboy delayed the party to ensure the lights and sound were properly setup.

The night began with an epic trance set from DJ K of Atlanta. He definitely started the party off on a good foot as he spun crowd-pleasers such as Paul Van Dyk's "Another Way." The dance floor quickly filled as the partygoers seemed like they were itching to dance after the moderate wait. By the end of the set, the crowd was definitely into the party and ready for something a little different.

As the diverse line-up continued, Augusta's Nick Snow threw down an intense set of dark jungle tracks. The party lit up with excitement as those who were there for the jungle DJs were ready to get things moving on the dance floor. The dance circle broke out, and everyone showed off their moves battling with motion synced with the hard, driving sounds.

Baby AnneDuring Nick's set, I began to wonder what was going to be the order for the rest of the line-up, so I found Dave of Soloboy to inquire. Unfortunately, another problem had arose. Earlier, Punisher was flown into Atlanta. However, there seemed to be some sort of miscommunication as Soloboy expected her at the Augusta airport. At the time I inquired, Dave didn't know when Punisher was going to arrive in Atlanta, so the set was up in the air still. Later, I found out that Punisher wasn't going to make it, and that she ended up at the Hope Tribe Crew party in Atlanta, Crossover. However, the party continued on, as it seemed no one really noticed the missing DJ.

Baby Anne came on following Nick Snow in much anticipation of the crowd. From trance, to jungle, to breaks, the line-up was definitely proving to be diverse, and Baby Anne was just as colorful as the line-up. She mixed up her transition styles and sounds throughout the night in one of the most interesting breaks sets I've ever heard. By the time AK1200 was ready to go on, everyone was still dancing and into every minute of Baby Anne's set.

MC KNCTRNL and AK1200After Baby Anne put the finishing touches on her set, we were hit with some surprise news, AK1200's MC and our guide through his set was none other than MC Knctrnl. The crowd was overflowing with excitement at this point, and everyone stood in awe of AK1200, staring at his every action as if he was going to disappear if they looked away for even a brief moment. AK1200 sent the crowd into a frenzy. Baby Anne had set the party kids up, and AK worked them out until everyone was too tired to dance anymore.

The last event for the night was a DMC battle in the main room with Nick Snow vs. Satoshi of Tennessee. Most of the partiers were saying their goodbyes at this point, but the remainder watched the friendly competition between two determined mixers. You could definitely tell they had worked hard in preparation for the party. I stayed for the majority of their set, but as the party was winding down at about 5:30am, I headed back to my room to get some much needed rest.

Overall, the party turned out better than I expected, and I was excited about this line-up when I first heard it about a month ago. Despite the hitches, which seemed out of the hands of the Soloboy crew, the party was a success. The vibe was great; the music was outstanding, and Augusta should definitely be proud of their scene as it has it's own distinct personality and life.

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