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  Konkrete Jungle 2.15.01
by Terry Roberts

Venue: Studio Central - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: The PermaGrin Family, Wednesday Afternoon Recordings

First things first, those of you who call yourselves true junglists should hang your heads in shame because you guys missed one hell of a night!!! Just the names on the line up should have made you drop everything and anything you had going on to make this party. Let's see...we had newcomer DJ DAWN, DJ WEDNESDAY, DJ SOULSLINGER and DJ ODI. Not to mention a slew of MCs. Like the always positive SUPA MC TC IZLAM, ATL's own the imperial MC LP plus MC SINISTA and special guest MC JLB. And that's just in the main room. In the second room we had DJ LITTLE JEN and DJs JEREMY and KIA, and last but not least DJ HAZEUS. Come on people — what more do you want!?!? Anyways we forgive you. ;)

Well, let's get down to business shall we? Let me tell you, STUDIO CENTRAL has come up in a BIG way. I mean they totally revamped the place. Before where there was nothing but wet concrete to sit on, now there are booth seats along the walls in the main room. The second room is tricked out with mirrors and two huge projection screens. And it's also decked out with comfortable seating. BIG UPS!!! to the crew at STUDIO CENTRAL for hookin' it up. (Still need to work on those bathrooms.) ;(

Being that some of you pulled a no-show, it made for an intimate crowd (BIG UP's TO YOU ;P). From jump everyone was having a great time, nothing but smiles and playfulness all around. (Did I mention I didn't see any rollers? To those of you who keep it pure and clean BIG UP's ;)). Throughout the night, the vibe continued to thrive and surge through everyone. It was good to see everyone out there dancing and bouncing. Even though as the night progressed the floors become dangerously slippery. Despite that, everybody continued to dance.

February 15, 2001, was the groundbreaking opening of KONKRETE JUNGLE in Atlanta (the longest-running American drum'n'bass party) and man, let me tell you, it was no joke. Like I said, the line up itself was awesome. DJ DAWN was the first to bless the wheels and I just have to say I love seeing new talent. I was truly impressed with this man's style. DJ DAWN kept the early bird crew highly entertained. He dropped some major tracks like "Daywalker" and DJ KRUST's "Kloakin Device." The crowd ate it up. In the second room, LITTLE JEN kept the vibe chill with downtempo beats. As I was mingling through the crowd I saw TC IZLAM, WEDNESDAY and their crew making their way toward the stage. I knew that at any minute the bottom was going to drop out that mutha. DJ WEDNESDAY stepped up to the decks with MC LP backing him up. LP got the crowd hyper as WEDNESDAY took the helm and guided us through some ragga-jungle roots. He also freaked a few mainstream joints like DMX's "My Niggas" and TOTAL's "Kissing You." Everyone loved it. LP gave much love to the ATL jungle massive, keeping the people hype. At this time, JEREMY and KIA were tag-teaming it in the second room. It was a full-out sonic assault. They both were straight bringin' it like only they can. Back in the main room, WEDNESDAY and LP were finishing up with some more irie junglily vibrations. Soon it would be time for the SOULSLINGER and SUPA MC TC IZLAM.

As DJ SOULSLINGER and TC IZLAM were preparing to get on, they experienced some technical difficulties with the sound system; the sound guys took care of that. TC stepped up to the mic and welcomed everyone to the first installment of KONKRETE JUNGLE and the massive went wild. I personally think it's a great honor that ATLANTA is considered one of meccas of jungle. (BIG UPS to the MASSIVE!!!) DJ SOULSLINGER was one of the long-awaited guests of the night. When he stepped up the crowd instantly started bubblin'. An earthshaking bassline followed by a nasty rinse was the intro to a night of HIP STEP 101. TC kept the massive on a positive vibe sending mad shout outs to the ATL JUNGLE MASSIVE. TC has so much love for the ATL SCENE that he was willing to leave his beatiful girl, PlayStation 2, and that green (if you know what I mean?!) at home in order to be with us. MUCH RESPECT to TC for coming out and blessing us with his skills. And that's just what he did.

TC and SOULSLINGER tested the boundaries of the audience and the sound system with their selections of jungle/hip-hop mixes. Oldies but goodies like KRS "South Bronx," BIZ MARKIE's "Just a Friend" and WHOUDINI, "Friends." He even dropped a sweet dub mix of BOB MARLEY's "Natural Mystic" (awesome fukin' set!!!) TC and SOUL' also brought a friend along by the name of JLB. Now, we all know the human body is capable of many wonders right? This man straight up started beat-boxing jungle with his mouth over SOULSLINGER'S SET!!! LIVE!!! I was totally amazed at this guy's skills. That is definitely why this night was all that much more worth being there.

But no night out is complete without a little drama...let me tell you what went down. TC was introducing DJ ODI when some no good, bitchass, sorry muthafuka yells out "ODI SUCKS!!!" What the fuk is that?!?! I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there's some things you just don't do. Like dis one of the tightest junglists who regularly comes down to share his talent with us. But anyway, he almost got his ass whooped by ODI and got a lyrical thrashing by TC (quote, "Cause you a dickrider," unquote). Plus, he got booed and laughed out of the jungle room and probably got kicked out of the venue. (Peace out, bitch.) Anyway, the night continued on and ODI got his scratch on and had a great set.

Meanwhile, back in the second room, HAZEUS was destroying the dance floor massive with some straight rippers. By this time, I was pretty tuckered out; it was about 2:45 a.m. I had to be at work at 7 a.m., so I made my way through the early morning crew, got in my car, and popped in DIESELBOY and DUB2 LIVE on the CD player. As I cruised home, all the flashbacks of the evening's revels raced through my mind. Like I said earlier, if you weren't there, you definitily missed out. Don't worry though, this may have been the first KONKRETE JUNGLE but it won't be the last!!!!

Peace out till next time, keep jungling!!!

SHOUTS GO OUT TO: m.j., shogun, tc, wednesday, odi, soulslinger, lp, dawn, jlb, jeremy, kia, little jen, sinister, roc, adam, my baby chanté, jen, kam and denise, jen and darren, jason and sabrina, chris and brad, studio central, atl massive, all the jungle crew.

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