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  Insomniax 11.27.99
by Terry Walters

Venue: The Hangar - Marietta, GA
Presented by: Insomniax

It was a night of great experiment at The Hangar Saturday with Insomniax. The venue pulsed from the outside with bass riffs and escaping smoke. Parking was free and there was plenty of it.

Eric DavenportAnyone who has been to The Hangar knows the setup: huge overhanging balcony and large sunken dance floor. This venue has unlimited potential.

The place bumped with close to thirty separate PAs set up in a triangle formation around the floor. Master Peace Productions had the sound ready for the mixing and the lights were ready to flash.

Eric Davenport (Black Licorice Records) stepped up and threw out some powerful baselines from the start. He continued with a Green Velvet tribute (of sorts) including Flash and the Coitus remix.

From hard house, disco house, and, of course, Chicago house, Davenport bumped through the night. There were a couple sound difficulties, a crackling PA, left of the dancefloor. Davenport started to lose the crowd late in his set. He had his fun and finished his set with the Mike Humphrey and Glenn Wilson original mix of Punish 4.

Felix da Housecat and co-hort Tommie SunshineAll eyes were open when Felix Da Housecat (Clashbackk, FFRR, BML, Chicago) took center stage with Atlanta's own Tommie Sunshine. Felix gave Eric Davenport a big hug and prepared.

Although the two did not in any way tag-team, Tommie constantly had a hand in playing with the mids, highs, and lows during Felix's set.

Once again, Green Velvet hit the turntable, along with a remix of Arman Van Helden's "Necessary Evil." The kids went wild, the dance floor started to fill up, and the heat started to rise.

After several cruel unwanted stops in the set, Felix experimented with the mixer, a treat for those at a small party, but what happened to the bass? Only, 130 people had arrived by 4:00am and the lucky few had plenty of room to move.

Not only that, but some of the ladies from Insomniax floated through the crowd handing out candy, glowstix, and an assortment of party favors. That's right, free!!! Finally, some hospitality.

Felix only spun for about fifty minutes, ending with Tommie Sunshine's "Kosmic Pop" before he and Tommie took off out the door.

"Me and Tommie just hang out, it's like that. We were just hanging out. He's part of my group. He's a DJ with the Mad Kat. I love Satellite too. I love those guys," Felix said. Then he headed out the door to another party; he was done at The Hangar.

J-SmoothMeanwhile...J-Smooth (GFS, F-111, Higher Education, PHILLY) took the party by storm. He busted out with deep jungle sounds. According to the dance floor, this party had an official DJ.

"Oh my God!!" squealed the Pixie in black leotards.

She had fallen in love...and why not?

J-Smooth kept the crowd alive by hitting the party with a "Star Wars" remix, everyone's favorite. The crowd started to thicken. A lot of people came from some other party that was extremely crowded.

All too soon, he had to go. It was close to 6:00 and "it's not easy being a DJ" some say.

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