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  Hybrid Live 11.26.2003

Venue: The Riviera

While Chris (Healing) and Mike (Truman), members of Hybrid, have deejayed in Atlanta (most recently Liquified 06.13.2003), it has been several years since the entire ensemble performed live for their fans.

So the announcement of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving show gave many people one more reason to be thankful—not to mention the promise of a late night/extended session, without the penalty of work the next day. Hybrid performed live on stage as well as deejayed over three hours after the live set. Opening for the night was DJ Ian James, who tagged with Chris & Mike for the closing sets of the night, too.

Here are some of the compiled responses from the forum, and photos from the satisfying night.


Mike & Toto

Christian & Trisha

seeing hybrid on wednesday night was awesome. i have never seen them do a live pa nor a dj set. live pa's are a new thing for me... seeing hybrid was stunning. it is absolutley amazing that they can take such instruments and do what they do, and the music is totally different. im used to seeing "rock" bands jam out on those guitars and such... it was almost like i had to close my eyes because when i looked at the stage it was dream like—hushlush

DJ Ian James



Mike (Decon)


Well, this was my second time seeing them live, and I loved it. I love their older stuff, and their new stuff... Mike's Dj set afterwards was excellent—julie
The addition of two new members with guitars... sounded very pop'esque to me, and the vocals reminded me of a cross between Coldplay and Radio Head. I did however like some of the older material... "Finished Symphony" being my favorite, and a great way to close out the evening. but overall It was just OK—maddhatterradio




Awesome fucking show. I loved the live band aspect of it. I thought it was very creative. "True to Form" and "Symphony" were definitely the highlights of the night for me. Although, Ian, "Out of Body Experience" was a nice touch—melvintillius



Roberto & Luis

more photo pages— 2 3 4 5


Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi
Morning Sci-Fi from Track Listing:

  1. This Is What It Means
  2. True To Form (featuring Peter Hook)
  3. Know Your Enemy
  4. Marrakech
  5. Iím Still Awake
  6. Visible Noise
  7. We Are In Control1
  8. Higher Than A Skyscraper (featuring Peter Hook)
  9. Steal You Away
  10. Gravastar
  11. Out of The Dark
  12. Blackout (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)

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