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  Gorgeous featuring David Morales, Miss Honey Dijon and Brett Long
by Sterling McGarvey

Venue: Club NV
Date: January 20, 2002

In the past few years, there has been an increase in House legends who have added our city to their tour itineraries. Within the past year, Atlanta has witnessed Little Louie Vega (twice), Tony Humphries (twice), John Acquaviva (twice)Ösee what Iím getting at? However, January 20th of 2002 brought Atlanta its first visit from legendary producer/remixer/DJ David Morales, courtesy of newcomer Touch Productions. Responsible for a glut of remixes (name a pop star, any pop star; heís probably remixed one of their tracks), especially the classic reworkings of Jamiroquai tracks, Morales graced the city with his magic behind the decks for an extended set during MLK weekend. While the crowd was sparser than would be expected (2 of Americaís most beloved Drum ní Bass DJs playing for $2 certainly kept a few heads away), it was certainly a set worth attending, as those who witnessed can attest.

With Brett Long and New York diva legend Miss Honey Dijon more than warming up the crowd, Mr. Morales stepped up to the decks and started up. While the club was certainly not as elbow-to-elbow as it was during the Carter/Farina Experience from July 2001, the crowd was digging it. Everyone from eleven50ís EJ and Rubayne (who vanquished the obnoxious and mocking Big Boy Security guards from the front of the stage with nothing but flashlights and attitude) to the Funky Grandmother to Midtown castaways looking for something to do on a Sunday night to straight up House Heads to shirtless circuit boys blended through the crowd. He started off with some fairly straightforward House, neither Progressive nor Soulful. As time wore on, he began to meld in a bit of Progressive and clubby sounding tracks.

Ultimately, he found his niche and played up to each demographic in the crowd: "Club" and Progressive for the bois, big and Soulful for the House Heads and the ladies. In the second room, Jonathan Edwards kept it going for those in dire need of refreshment and a seat. Morales took everyone from a strongly gay Circuit sound into a highly Latin-influenced wave of Masters at Work selections (including 2 mixes of "Work") into more Progressive (capped with a remix of Kosheen) into a Soulful House workout of tunes heís known for (from a remix of Whitney Houstonís "So Emotional" to a remix of J. Majikís "Love Is Not a Game" to anything else he could pitch at an exhausted crowd). Cleptomaniacs "All I Do" got everyone up, moving and wailing like somebodyís Gramma in church. His remix of Photek "Mine to Give" juiced the last bits of strength from the headstrong. By 6am, the crowd had been worked into a sweaty frenzy. With that, he proceeded to turn to leave. Uh huh. Who really ends a set like that without an encore? Breaking out a CD-R, he threw on the Last Track, and what a Last Track it was! In the end, it was a satisfactory debut. There were some rough patches, but they were more subject to taste than to anything particularly technical. For those who could not make it, you missed out. Big time. Just pray he returns in a timely fashion. Special thanks go to Touch Productions for such a well-done first event; keep your eyes peeled for their next one!


United DJs of America, vol. 4 from United DJs of America, vol. 4
Mixed by David Morales & Frankie Knuckles
Record Label:

  1. Volume 4 - Disco Elements
  2. Back 2 Zanzibar - Ly
  3. Sun, Sun, Sun - Curious
  4. Keep On Luvin' - Maydie Myles
  5. Sweet In The Morning - Project Sound
  6. The Anthem - Black Shells
  7. In My House - DJ Dexter
  8. Congo - The Boss
  9. Love & Music - Thunderdome
  10. Just Can't Get Enough - Mixx Vibes
  11. Release Me - Industry
  12. Ya Can't Separate Me - Lee Genesis
  1. Love So Strong - Secret Life
  2. Glory To God - Kerri Chandler
  3. Ministry Of Love - Romanthony
  4. Another Star - Kathy Sledge
  5. The Dream - Prana
  6. I Am The Music, Hear Me - Millionaire Hippies
  7. Ajare - Way Out West
  8. In The Morning - Viola Sykes
  9. I Get Lifted - Barbara Tucker
  10. Bring Me Love - Andrea Mendez
  11. Cassa De X - Elastic Reality
  12. Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick

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